Hair Restoration Costs- Are Hair Restoration Treatments Really Costly?


Many hair product brands sell a promise of voluminous hair, But that is not always the case. You can get a permanent hair loss solution at Hair Transplant Los Angeles. The total cost of a transplant may vary from one clinic to another. But the range of transplanting grafts is within a reasonable range. 

Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant costs range between $4000 and $15000. Several factors affect the cost of the transplant. They will depend on the clinic you choose and the geographical location. 

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Factors that Affect the Average Hair Treatment Cost

Market factors affect the pricing of services and commodities. The same applies to the cost of a hair transplant. Below are the five major factors that lead to the varied price of hair transplant Los Angeles.

Type of Procedure

There are two major procedures that doctors use for hair transplants. The follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the follicular unit transplantation (FUT). The two processes have different costs due to complexity. FUE is more expensive than FUT. It is because FUE is more advanced and requires more skills and concentration. FUT takes a short time. Thus a doctor can handle several surgeries in a day.
When you break down the cost, you will determine the cost per graft in the FUE transplant is lower. But the other factors raise the price of FUE above FUT.

Skills of the Surgeon

When you want quality, you must spend more. It also applies to hair transplants. When a doctor is skillful, his demand in the market rises. Thus, to limit the number of appointments to manageable levels, they raise hair transplants’ costs.
Quack surgeons know that people use price to gauge the quality of service. Thus, do due diligence to avoid falling into a quack’s hands.

When you are researching about the surgeon, check the level or class of the clinic. Some surgeons set the prices depending on the clinics they serve. They can charge different fees in different institutions. 

The Number of Hair Grafts

The cost of hair graft is calculated per graft. In general, one graft costs about 3$-6$ per graft for a FUT transplant and 6$ to 12$ per graft for an FUE transplant.
A patient with a large bald patch will pay more than a patient with a small bald patch. The lowest number of grafts that a patient can have is 1200 grafts. You can estimate the total cost if you conduct a thorough consultation with your doctor.

Place You Live

The economic activities in a place affect the cost of living. If you start a clinic in an expensive city, you will pay more rent and taxes. The price is pushed down to patients. If you want to save on the surgery cost, visit a clinic in a city with a low cost of living.

Travel Cost 

Hair transplant clinics are sparse in Los Angeles. Thus, you may not find a clinic in your neighborhood. Although the cost is not in the doctor’s invoice, it will add to your treatment’s total cost.
Assess the distance to the clinic and the average cost you will need to travel. Add it to your treatment cost and check if it is viable. In case it is costly, look for another clinic within your proximity.

Hair Transplant Recovery Cost

People usually ignore the cost of recovery. However, it adds to the total hair transplant cost. You will need painkillers and antibiotics, which you could not have used if you did not have the transplant. Also, you may need to purchase protective gear like hats, caps, and scarves to protect the scalp during the recovery process. Other items you need to buy are the recommended shampoo and hair oil. In normal circumstances, you use regular shampoo and hair oil.
Some people request PRP therapy to quicken the recovery process. It translates to additional treatment costs.

Insurance Covers and Hair Transplant

Every citizen hopes that their insurance covers all their medical expenses. But these companies are in business, and they try to avoid unnecessary costs. So, they exempt all cosmetic surgery as they say they are not life-threatening. Hair transplant falls under cosmetic surgery. Thus, no insurance will cover your treatment. 

Hair Transplant Cost Overseas

When you are seeking treatment within your country, you should compare the cost with hospitals overseas. You can get a great deal at an affordable price. 

Turkey is one country that encourages medical tourism. Their hair transplant is advanced, and patients around the world visit Turkey for the procedure. The industry is worth approximately $1billion. More than 60000 patients visit Turkey annually for hair transplants; There are more than 350 hair clinics in Istanbul-the capital of Turkey.
It will cost you under $2000 to transplant 4000 grafts with an FUE transplant. The cost is very affordable compared to the average $15000 in the US.
The flourishing industry and fair cost have attracted unqualified doctors in the industry. Thus, do due diligence before you book that flight.

Is the Hair Transplant Cost Worth It?

The results of hair transplants are worth every penny. It saves your appearance and boosts your confidence. You also avoid the recurring costs you would need for topical hair treatment.
Hair transplant is the final hope to anyone who has tried various medications with no success. It adds volume to your thinning hair and masks your hair loss problem.


The cost of hair transplant Los Angeles is subjective. You can reduce the cost by avoiding some expenses like transport. Also, you can select a clinic that is far from the city to minimize the consultation fee. 

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