Health And Safety Training: Pregnancy In The Workplace


Occupational Health and Safety in every workplace is an area concern for protecting and to foster the health and safety of every worker ensuring a conducive, safe work environment. All employers and its employees should inculcate a culture of health and safety in any workplace, do training and it should aim to protection and prevention of workers from risks of factors resulting from factors adverse to health and safety. Poor health and safety management for every company can result in costly losses or even death. All employers and its employees should be responsible and proactively plan and develop systems and procedures to minimize risks, hence, a Risk Assessment for every workplace should be done and should include pregnant women.

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In any industrialized country, working women dominates the workforce. Hence, Safety and Health representatives should make sure that employers meet safety standards and protect pregnant women ensuring safe and comfortable work environment. The work area should have extra comfort and supporting guidelines for working with pregnant women and a regular check up is a MUST include testing for Low T since one of its symptoms is irritability and fatigue.

Is the work or workplace requires continuous standing or sitting? – If the pregnant woman requirement for work is to do more than 2 to 3 hours standing or sitting, this could lead to backache or thrombosis or blood clot in a person’s heart or in one of the blood vessels.
Does she travel most of the time as a requirement for work? – Continuous travel can be very stressful and can cause miscarriage, preterm delivery and it is harmful to the fetus.
Does the work environment register continuous shock or vibrations, radiation, chemical exposure? Pregnant woman working in a paint or pesticide manufacturers has been always at the risk of causing deformities in the fetus or baby. Fumes of paint and pesticides is very dangerous to health, this also includes using it at home.

Is there a passive smoking? Work area with customers or clients who does heavy smoking caused great risk of working with pregnant women. Passive smoking will cause a high risk of miscarriage.
Is there a manual handling or does she carry of lift heavy materials or items? Lifting can cause discomfort, backache or worst miscarriage.
Does the woman work long hours or beyond the normal 8 hours working time? Working long hours can create high risk phychological distress or low risk of miscarriage.
Is there any exposure to extreme heat or pharmaceutical agents such as chemotherapy? High risk to fetus malformation.
If most of the above items are YES, then, the next step would be, the Safety Engineer should inform Top Management about the risk factors.

Safety Engineer should do guidelines and procedures to avoid risk and they should conduct training or consult the pregnant woman involve.

The employer must offer and recommend a suitable and work area for the pregnant woman. This could do re-location, transfer or assign alternative job that is not of risk during her pregnancy period.



Know the government rules and regulations protecting working expectant mothers such as Maternity and Paternal Leave Benefits, Management of Health and Safety for expectant mothers, Entitlement to clinic visits.
Choose comfortable clothes for the workplace or for travel.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day for the baby’s sake and avoid drinks with too much sugar.
Make sure you have a comfortable and a convenient working position for you. When sittingdown, should not be too low or high and feet should have a footrest to prevent cramps. Vary work positions.
Try to get a nap during work breaktime and eat healthy foods.
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Author bio:


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