Home Remedies for Postnasal drip you should know

Home Remedies for Postnasal Drip and Allergies

Home remedies for postnasal drip you should know

Any of you have woken up in the morning and feel something stuck in your throat, your voice were not clear and after trying to say something cool, you started coughing as much as you could. You definitely get postnasal drips.

Every day, our body’s glands in throat, airways, intestinal tract and nose produce mucus to lubricate gastrointestinal tract and protect the lining of orifices like noses. Our noses individually excrete a quarter of the mucus in the body each day. Moreover, the mucus moisturizes nostrils and together with nostril hair to trap and devastate the bacteria, virus and dust from outer environment. This layer can prevent foreign invaders from entering respiratory tract that causes infection. But you might not notice the appearance of mucus normally because it can be mixed with saliva when you swallow and chew the food. If the amount of mucus excreted increases and the excess secretion run out of your nostrils, it is called a runny nose. But if the flow of mucus comes back into your throat, thicken and stuck in throat, that’s postnasal drip.

Home Remedies for Postnasal Drip and Allergies

The causes of postnasal drips are so diverse and come from many agents, such as cold, flu but they are common with runny nose. The allergy caused by weather changing, certain food and some kind of pollen, chemicals from perfumes, cleaning product may be the most popular as the reason of postnasal drips. Variable infection by bacteria, pregnancy and deviated septum can lead to more severe postnasal drips and need the medical interference. So today, we will recommend you some home remedies for short-term postnasal drip treatment.

The treatment for post nasal drips is treatment for the cause of problems.

1. Treatment for unknown reason of postnasal drip

• Gargling. The gargle remedy provides mucus water which lubricants the pathway of mucus down to pharynx. Salt water gargling is recommended as the most useful to reduce the uneasiness from postnasal drips. It also cleans up the oral cavity to prevent infection spreading. Just mix the salt with warm water and gargle several times until you feel better. But don’t drink the mixture, it’s not good for your body to absorb salty water.

• Inhalation. The stream with or without essential oils both effect on moisturizing the mucus and make it easy to move. Boil the water and some drops of essential oil or some kind of herbs and prepare for inhalation like sauna with steam. Use a big towel to cover your head and a bowl of hot water. Keep distance to avoid burning yourselves. Inhale the steam in 10 minutes till you feel there is no more steam and water is cool now. Taking shower with lukewarm water is another use for you. But remember, this is not a remedy for children. They can’t bear the hot of steam and make themselves hurt.

2. Treatment for cold and allergy
• The cold usually changes the color of mucus and you might find out some symptoms of cold such as sore throat, sneezing and hoarse voice. So what you need to stop the common cold as well as post nasal drip is hot soup or any hot liquid which can give you some relief for widening your nose and throat stuck with mucus. Among all of soup, hot chicken soup is the most popular in Western and it was known for cold cure long time ago.
• In some Asian countries, hot tea is more widespread than soup. Ginger, honey are both used as ingredients to make hot tea for a cold, and believe me, hot tea really works. The ginger is a natural decongestant along with antiviral and expectorant properties which control the excess fluid and avoid infection.
Because they are all liquid that will provide you water to prevent the dehydration and relax your body so much. The water softens mucus and makes it not stick to throat and nasal cavity. So drinking more water is one more cure for you.
• Cayenne pepper is a natural anti- histamine herb that relieves the discomfort feelings from allergy. So in order to stop allergy which means stop the post nasal drip caused by allergy, use that kind of pepper as a spice in daily diet.

3. Treatment for infection
• Influenza. You realize flu when you have headache, cough and mucus full in your nose, some might have fever and aching muscles. The viral infection causes flu. Good hygiene and use some natural anti-viral and anti-bacteria herbs like garlic may decrease the infection and intense of flu remarkably.
• Taking adequate vitamin, especially vitamin C is good idea for your immune system. Broccoli, kiwi and many kinds of fruit and vegetable are rich source of vitamin C. We recommend you not use the vitamin C supplement, the supplement should be provided with specialist’s advice.

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