How Do you Get into Nursing? Follow latest Applying to nursing school Tips and Getting Into a Nursing School

Tips for Applying to Nursing school

Nursing is a career where the demand for new professionals never seems to wane. so how Do you Get into Nursing?

applying to nursing school tips

To get licensed, all you need to do is complete an associate’s degree. But, larger numbers of would-be nurses are opting to complete bachelor’s degree programs because they feel it will better prepare them, provide an edge in the job market, net a higher salary and open the doors to more opportunities. There are over 700 programs in the United States and here are some tips for choosing the right school and gaining admission

Considerations for Prerequisites

If you know you want to go to nursing school early in your college career, start working on those prerequisites for a nursing program as soon as possible. Competition can be stiff and waiting lists long—the sooner you begin working on these courses, the sooner you will be able to get in.


Accreditation is not mandatory, and a school lacking it from bodies that specifically examine nursing schools does not mean it is a bad school. But, there is something to be said about schools that voluntarily undergo the process to ensure they are offering a top-quality education that will adequately prepare you for the field. The two main organizations for nursing schools include the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. There are also accrediting bodies for specialized programs, such as midwifery.

Important Questions to Ask

When evaluating different programs, there are some important questions to ask to get a better idea of what the school offers and if it meets your needs. How involved is the faculty in preparing students for the current healthcare environment? Is there a strong affiliation with local hospitals and clinics? Is the educational content current enough to prepare you for today’s job market? What type of care settings are available? What is the clinic time requirement for graduation? What type of computer and laboratory resources are available? Does the school work with hospitals and clinics in the area? What student support is available? How involved is the faculty in helping students select appropriate coursework? What sort of academic counseling is available throughout your time at the school?

Gain Experience

Having a job in a healthcare field can really give you an edge when applying. Even if you cannot find paying work, seek out related volunteer opportunities in clinics or hospitals. Visit the health clinic of your university and see if they need any volunteers.

Interview Tips

Interviews for nursing school will typically not make or break your chances, but a good one can certainly tilt things in your favor. This is a chance to sell yourself, and this is especially important if your GPA and test scores are less than stellar. Know about the school—each nursing school has its own unique mission and focus. A successful interview is one where you can match yourself to that mission.

Considerations for Associate’s Program

As you know, it is not required to get a BN to enter the nursing field. If you are finding it difficult to get into schools or you want to start your career as soon as possible, you can always look into rn to bsn online programs—you can visit this page to get a bit of background on that. These degree programs are typically completed online in 12 to 18 months.

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