How Do I Seek Treatment For A Work-Related Injury?

In Alaska, employees injured in the workplace are allowed to get compensated through workers comp insurance. However, one must be eligible for the benefits. To get compensated, you have to prove that the injury arose out of employment. While this may seem easy, it becomes complicated when an employee is injured in work-related injury away from the office. One main area of contentious is where and how one may seek medical attention. If you have suffered a work-related injury, you may be wondering how to get medical treatment for your injuries.

What To Consider Seeking Medical Treatment After A Work-Related Injury

Normally, when one gets injured, the first thing one should do is to seek medical treatment. What seems minor may escalate to a major illness that may even end up in a disability. Away from injures such as slip and falls, one may be suffering from ailments resulting from repetitive motions or toxic exposure. In such a case, one should seek medical attention immediately after observing the first signs. It would help if you maximize your efforts to get benefits by:

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Seeking medical attention from the nearest hospital immediately after an injury. Once your health is not at risk, you can consult accident attorney in Alaska to secure your compensation.

Seek medical attention as soon as you learn of any signs of illness or any other complication that could have started showing up. Since every state has its own rules, you can choose to seek guidance to ensure you don’t do against the formalities of your state. In Alaska, you have a right to choose a treating doctor. However, if a need arises to change your doctor, you must inform the insurer.

When giving out the details of your injury or illness to your doctor, make sure to give every detail of how you suffered the injury. Your doctor will write a report based on what you tell them. This report will then be used by the workers’ comp insurance to determine whether you suffered.

Unfortunately, many claimants give different information to their employer which differs with the information given to their treating doctor. It’s important to ensure the information corresponds. The insurance is keen on this as its one of the loopholes they use to deny your claim. Additionally, you should not exaggerate the injury or any symptom. There would be no sense of losing benefits by trying to seek more benefits through fake information. This doesn’t mean that you skip or fail to talk about minor symptoms, thinking they will fade away on their own.

There are lots of benefits to getting immediate treatment. With proper treatment, you stand a better chance to maximize your compensation benefits. Besides, it is good for your health. The more time is taken to seek medical care, the more time it will take for the workers’ comp insurance to approve the injury. The reason being, they will argue out you never suffered since you took time before you sought medical treatment for your work-related injury.

Payment Of Your Medical Bills

To get compensated for your medical bills, you must provide a medical summary of your injury together with the claim. This is also referred to as “Physician’s Report: The doctor report should also indicate:

  • Your current medical condition,
  • Any recent treatment provided and,
  • Any future treatment plans

You cannot receive any disability benefits unless your doctor states that the injury may result in a temporary or permanent disability. Once it’s determined that you suffered from a work-related injury, it remains the obligation of the insurer to pay for your medical expenses. The doctor should prepare a bill with all the expenses incurred. The total bill may be composed of doctors’ fees, ambulance fees, and transportation costs to and from the hospital, lodging costs, among other reasonable expenses. With this information, the insurer provides a compensation report indicating the payments to be made. There must be a document written (compromise and release) to be signed by both parties to ensure every issue is resolved. Your attorney should make sure the documents contained the vital information needed for the right benefits. If your lawyer disagrees with the workers’ insurance decisions, he/she may file a petition for reconsideration on your behalf. Once the insurer gets the medical expenses bill, they have 30days to pay the benefits.

Getting Legal Help

Work-related injury cases can become complicated; especially if you suffered such injuries when away from work. It becomes tough when the insurer denies your claim. However, such issues can be well solved with the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. A good lawyer can fight for your legal rights to get the benefits you dearly need to cater to your medical expenses. Any eligibility of getting workers’ compensation benefits depends on the state you live in and your case circumstances. If you have any question about work-related injuries and how to receive medical treatment, speak to an experienced lawyer.

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