How Do You Fix Loose Tiles?

How Do You Fix Loose Tiles?

How Do You Fix Loose Tiles?

Does your tile feel funny when you step on it?

Does it feel hollow or creeks when you step on it?

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Has it come loose and made a tent shape in some places?

If any of those question’s answer is yes, you need to fix your tile immediately. Given that you have the right tools and proper motivation, this may not be as hard as you think. It is very much possible to fix it yourself. In the following article, we’ll guide you through the whole process of fixing the loose tiles.

Reasons of Tiles Losing
Before diving into the details, let’s look at the reasons behind the loss of tiles. That way, you’ll have an understanding of the situation and can avoid repeating these conditions. The prominent reasons are:
Type of Bonding Used
The bonding of the tile is a very important factor. Too thin or thick spreading of the adhesive can create significant problems. Although, the strongest of the adhesive can weaken over time. However, an adhesive that is versatile, specified for your choice of material can effectively keep the tiles for a long time.

There’s a type of bonding called spot bonding, where the adhesive is applied in the corners and the middle of the tile. This kind of bonding requires less adhesive but leaves a substantial hollow place inside. Thus the tiles can easily get loose and possess the possibility of breaking up.
Selling of House
When a house is settling, the foundation will shift along with the walls and floors to get adjusted. If the tiles do not have sufficient space to move, they will get loose. In extreme cases, tiles can get cracked too. The contractors often leave rooms for tiles to accommodate. If you are doing a DIY job, make sure to know about the optimum distance to keep the tiles free from losing.
Temperature Change
If temperature increases, the dimension of the tile increases and vise versa. It may not be a problem for new tile work that was installed maintaining the optimum condition. However, with time, the lengths added can develop cracking and losing of tiles.
Surface Difference
The surface on which the tiles were installed can expand or shrink due to temperature. If a tile is placed between two different surfaces, it will not be able to adopt the different rate of change. As a result, the tiles in those places will lose faster than other tile blocks.
The moisture content is very harmful to your grout and adhesive. If your tiles are not sealed properly, the moisture content can penetrate the tiles and reach the level where the floor and tile meets. Faulty construction work may also leave some water in those places—water results in destroying the ability of the adhesive to keep the floor and tile adjoint. Therefore, the tile gets loosen.
Poor Quality Installation
There can be quite a few mistakes made while installing the tiles. Not using the correct adhesive, using expired grout, placing tiles on the wrong surface, insufficient room for tile are some of the most common mistakes. If any of those mistakes are made during tile installation, your tile will come loose sooner or later.
Heavy Burdens
The tiles that go under a washing machine, dryer, or freezer are most likely to loosen with time. The weight of the machine may be too much for the tile to handle. And with immense pressure, the tile gets separated from the floor.
If you have tiles installed outside for decorating purposes, they are exposed to damage more than the tiles installed indoors. Outdoor tiles get exposed to water and heat more and thus loosen.
Tile in Wrong Place
A tile placed along the joint of the floor is likely to get damaged. It is possible to install tiles along the joints, but not recommended. The joint is already an unstable place. It shifts a lot due to shifting of house or earthquake. Therefore, the tile gets damaged severely.
Fixing a Loose Tile
As we stated before, the right tools can make the tile fixing process pretty easier. The necessary tools are:
Drill & drill bit
Tile adhesive
Damp rag
Something heavy

If you have the tools, you can start fixing your tile now. Just follow the following steps.

Drill into the grout beside the tile that needs fixing. It should be deep enough to let the adhesive go under the tile.
Pour the adhesive into the hole you made and squeeze to let the adhesive go under the tile.
Let the adhesive settle under the tile, then pour some more till it stops settling under the tile.
Place something heavy on the tile. It will help in removing air bubbles and set the tile into the adhesive.
The extra residue should be cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge.
Remove the heavy object after 24 hours.
Place new grout into and over the drilled hole.
Wipe everything off, necessary, and you are golden.

Fixing loose tiles in this method is pretty cost-effective. You won’t have to buy new tiles or hire a contractor to fix them for you.

If your tile is broken or cracked, you can remove the entire tile or fix it up with some epoxy and paint. This may not be a permanent fix, but this will allow you to get some time before redecorating the whole area.

Most of the time, the tiles company stops making a particular tile design after a while. So inquire if they can provide you with a similar tile or one with a close resemblance. Or you may need to replace all your tiles to keep the aesthetic of the room intact.

Home improvement chores may not be a top favorite activity. But, they are necessary for the well-being of the house. It also protects the house from possible future damage. Take action the moment when you find your tile is loosening. This will effectively reduce the cracking and breaking of your favorite tile. Thus saving you a substantial amount of money and hassle to find a similar tile to match the existing one.


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