How Do You Write Now That You Have Become A Rat Child?

How Do You Write Now That You Have Become A Rat Child

How Do You Write Now That You Have Become A Rat Child?

If you usually read my blog, you will have seen many times that I often repeat that mantra of: “horror is a very malleable genre.” The truth is that it is, terror adapts very well to all times, because it precisely feeds on one of the most powerful emotions in the world: fear.

Why am I telling you this now? Well, because I, as a horror writer, find myself unable to write right now. Nor do I read. I don’t know who or what to blame, I don’t feel particularly anxious, as my life is not that different from how it was before the quarantine, and I am not overly concerned about the consequences of the pandemic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insensitive or unaware, I just don’t tend to worry about things that are beyond my means.

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Well, I just told you that I neither read nor write. And it’s something I’ve seen a lot on social media. We are living in the wet dream of any “rat boy bar writer” and the sad reality is that we neither write nor read.

How Do You Write Now That You Have Become A Rat Child

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Anxiety And Boredom

The truth is that I don’t feel like reading or writing. I work, as I have been doing every day for years, but I don’t feel like sitting down and writing at all. For what? Any story that occurs to me will never be as histrionic, crazy and convoluted as the current situation.

To write you need to concentrate, to have a certain mental stability that, at least for me, I am lacking these days. If you want me to tell you the truth, every day I lose a little more sanity, it is like a dripping tap; To give you an example, on Saturday I had a fit of laughter. Without further ado, all of a sudden I started laughing and couldn’t stop … I was laughing like an ass for almost an hour and poor Maria looked at me with a poker face, scared.

I would not like to get involved in writing diaries of the pandemic, or nonsense like that. That’s what the Instagram figurines are for that are filmed and tell you how well they are doing, making bread and clapping like trained monkeys.

Don’t think that I feel like sitting down and ghost writing services either. You will have seen that I have it quite stopped these days. The sad reality is that I had a very nice calendar, with posts about short horror stories to promote my anthology of stories a bit … But everything has been hung. Book, calendar, articles … That’s where you see how quickly everything gets screwed up and how little our plans matter to the universe.

Write In The Times Of COVID-19

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I don’t know what will happen after all this. I do not want to think that disaster will take us all, since books will be as necessary (perhaps more) when all this happens, as they were 800 years ago when the Black Death wiped out almost half the population of Europe.

I suppose we will have to write, at some point, perhaps when it stabilizes and the light appears at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps, when this is over and we do not have that psychological pressure that uncertainty produces, I will sit down and write.

I do not know. These are strange times and the months to come will be strange months. We will have to overcome, focus, breathe and resume our lives. You have to write, it is necessary. Of course, please, nothing to write about pandemics, about locked characters who discover themselves … Because I have been locked up for three weeks and I have not discovered myself … I have only been going a little more crazy.

Anyway, I have no more to say. I just wanted to stop by here so you know that I am fine, that I can endure and that I am still here, preparing things to continue sharing things with you.

Relax, breathe and stay home. All this will pass and we will have to move on. Writing, reading or doing other things, but we will have to move on.

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