How Hairline Surgery Works for Hair Treatment


Being conscious of how we look is understandable. We all want to look our best. The face is the first area that people focus on when conversing. If any part of the face looks abnormal, it makes you feel out of place or weird. Hair, for instance, plays a huge role in making us beautiful. Once it starts thinning, it makes you feel ashamed of yourself and even depressed. There are various types of hair loss, one of which raises the hairline. 

Fortunately, there are also several hair restoration procedures to help those who have undergone any form of hair loss restore their hair. Today, we are focusing on a hair treatment technique called hairline surgery which is meant to reduce the size of the forehead by lowering the hairline. Read along to better understand how this type of hair restoration works.

What is Hairline Surgery?

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When hair starts thinning at the front scalp, the hairline goes up, creating a protruding forehead. When this happens, the only treatment option is to have a hairline surgery or a scalp advancement procedure. This type of hair loss treatment can be done in two ways, both of which are quite effective. However, getting the best hairline lowering surgery requires services from an authentic professional doctor. Therefore, if you think of having one, it is advisable to research online first to see which clinic or surgeon around you offers reliable hair restoration treatments. 

Some of the causes of a high hairline include male and female pattern baldness, heredity, and hair straining hairstyles. Such hairstyles include over-braiding in afro-kinky hair types. In addition, hair strands in such hairstyles tend to break or get damaged, which causes hair loss in the fore scalp.

Who can get Hairline Surgery? 

  • Although hairline surgeries are commonly performed on women due to the hairline shape, men can also opt for this procedure. 
  • To get this procedure as a man, the doctor must confirm that you don’t have a history of hair loss in your lineage. If you have a history of hair loss, then you won’t be eligible for the hairline procedure as a man.
  • A woman who has a naturally high hairline that makes her forehead look big can also opt for hairline surgery. 
  • If you have a high hairline and your forehead skin is flexible, you can decide to get a hairline lowering surgery. 

Hairline Lowering Approaches 

The scalp laxity will determine how low your hairline can be advanced. Other factors that may affect a hairline lowering surgery include the patient’s preference and preoperative hairline height. In addition, using a hairline surgery helps to reduce the effects of a protruding forehead. These two hairline lowering surgery approaches include:

Hair Transplantation – In hair transplant surgery, hair is removed from areas that hardly experience thinning and is transplanted to the fore scalp suffering from hair loss. Hair is usually harvested from the back of the head, where there is usually fence hair. The surgeon harvests hair using the follicular unit extraction method, where hair strands are harvested and implanted one by one. 

This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure with a shorter downtime and recovery time. Once the surgeon completes the procedure, the patient is free to go home to heal and recover.

Scalp Strip Skin Removal – Another approach that the doctor can use to perform a hairline surgery is by using a scalpel to cut and remove a strip of skin in the fore scalp. Once the 2 cm strip is removed, the doctor will stretch the forehead skin forward, thus lowering the hairline. This technique requires very flexible scalp skin. 


You don’t have to worry if you have started losing hair and are raising your hairline since there are several ways to correct this deformity. Getting a hairline surgery is the best option for reducing the effect of a large forehead due to hair loss. Other effective techniques include PRP for hair loss, micro scalp pigmentation, and medication. You must consult your physician first to know the cause of the hair loss so that he will recommend proper treatment. 

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