How is the Digital Transformation of Education?

How is the Digital Transformation of Education?

Originally posted on March 18, 2020 @ 2:41 pm

How is the Digital Transformation of Education?


Taking a tour of modern school classrooms today; you will get an interactive whiteboard in almost every class. Social networks and instant messaging service are also being used by teachers to stay in touch with the students and to give them their homework. How else to use technology in education? You will get a clear idea in this article on how digital education works.

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Taking on account of our business lives and our society, they have transformed and are highly digitalized but in still educational organizations need to be digitalized more as it has taken only the first steps to become digital. At the same time, the digitization of teaching and learning cannot only be achieved by getting latest computers, tablets or any interactive whiteboards. No matter how illogical this may seem, thoughtlessly acquired technological equipment is often an obstacle that slows down digitalization.


Digitalization of the school should always include the creation of new, more effective processes for teaching and teaching in the field of information technology, which make new processes possible, and not just replace pens or boards with an electronic version. Technology should always benefit pedagogy.


Information technology is a key factor and can be used to enrich teaching and upsurge its methodological diversity, thereby providing prerequisites of new materials to the students. The use of information technology in teaching and learning should be carried out systematically, based on the strategic objectives of the curriculum and educational institution.


The main attention when using technologies in education should be paid not to teaching technical skills, but to the use of pedagogical information and communication technologies in various subjects and topics. In fact, when the technologies are used systematically in learning process produce the greatest advantages.

How is the Digital Transformation of Education?

The role of digital tools in learning and teaching

  1. Media

Information technology has now become the part of our education as it acts as a learning tool. Internet is a broad media to get all the all the information from any part of the world. Even there are large number of ready-made material present on internet to facilitate students for getting education in an easy and convenient way like different training facilities are there online to save time and money of going out for taking education, different tutorials are available and you may get updates from different online magazines too. 

  1. Information resource

Internet is a world library to search nay information anywhere anytime. It has a data from every region of the world. Today Google has become a king search engine for any of your question google shows you relevant search results and with variety too. Social networks are the quick source of transforming information across the world. Any latest news could be viral on social networks within few seconds. There are millions of sites having article data base. Also on Wikipedia, there are online encyclopedia to get complete information and resources for teaching and learning.

  1. Communication

Communication is one of the most important opportunities provided by technology. Thinking of 10 years back when we just think of connecting with the people in foreign countries and with time it has become revolutionized and make communication easy in any part of the world. Starting with email communication then text messages and audio calls finally got apps for having video communications too. Even this video communication also helped tutors to take online assignment help UK classes easily as students can easily understand what he teaches to them with live video class.

  1. Content creation tool

Information and communication technologies are most advantageous when students make the most use of it to create their own content. Students can create their own texts, images, sound, music, and so on computers or mobile devices. A more advanced form of using information technology implies that students produce interactive content and use its various programs and algorithms in their output.

  1. Publishing Channel

The Internet and social networks can be used to publish joint student or group results. For example, students by using various available platforms can create online magazines or publish their own music or video clips there. The effective results and likes and comments of their publications help them to level up their confidence and motivate them to improve more. 

  1. A tool for developing your own conceptual artifacts

Using information technology, students can develop their own conceptual artifacts: conceptual maps, charts, or graphs. In this case, IT acts as a significant thinking tool. What is important is not the result itself, but the process when students develop their own information structures and ways of thinking.

  1. Platform for collaborative knowledge creation

The online learning environment also offers collaborative learning tools like discussion forums to gather students and teachers at one platform and to share their knowledge in collaboration with others thus contribute to better learning and a better end result than working alone. Crafting knowledge in a group form plays a significant role in learning because the steps in the process of building knowledge are documented and remain visible. Subsequently, they can be viewed again, return to the thoughts presented and develop them later.

  1. Thinking companion

Information technology has now become our best thinking partner as we can easy approach to any product or service on internet with their reviews for making good decisions. Although computers are not so far able to think independently, they can support students’ thinking processes, for example by asking them analytical questions and thoughts (or reflecting thoughts).


In a Nut Shell:

The main goal of digital learning is not in technology, but in the fact that information technology as a method makes possible new things in learning and teaching. Information and communication technologies allow the use of methods that facilitate learning, which cannot be implemented in practice otherwise. Digital learning help contact and distance learning by introducing several pedagogically relevant work methods. Thus, the main focus of digital learning is considered on collaborative forms of work, both in contact and distance conditions.


Digital learning helps students for online learning and finish their study assignments in a systematic ways with a quick help from authentic references. Knowledge creation is another key element of digital learning. Digital media is really a great source and have made our education system very easy. Not only education but it plays its great role in every aspect of lives as discussed in details in this article. It is a blessing and use it in a good way.