How technology has changed the features of a camera


From the time of tin-type photograph cameras back in the 1800s, the technology of photography has covered a long way. It is a complete camera-driven world out there – Kodak, Polaroids, digital cameras, and cameras in our smartphones!

And with time, cameras have seen so many changes. With time, technology has added so many features into a camera – wide-angle lenses, focus, rare lenses, zoom, and so many other features.

So, how has technology changed the camera quality that we used to use for photography? On what basis are the cameras considered to be the best professional cameras in today’s time? In this article, you will find a list of different features that are necessary for a camera in today’s time and are used by some of the most professional photographers and videographers.

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The best camera depends upon the type of work a professional is doing. This is because all professional cameras cannot be used for all kinds of works like photography, videography, media. Different features and fashions fit differently according to the work that is to be done.

This means, if you want to find the right camera, it will depend upon the kind of work you have to perform. So, mentioned here are some features that have changed with time, depending upon the kind of work the professionals are doing.


Considering the size, cameras have become very compact with time. There was a time once when cameras were massive and were difficult to carry anywhere at any time. But with time, there are changes in technology because of which cameras have now found their space in our smartphones as well.

The cameras that are used by professionals have become compact with a lot of features as well. They are easy to hold, have easy grips, and are preferred by most professionals. By size getting compact, it does not mean that the technology or the features of cameras have decreased. In today’s age, the advancement of technology is such that we can even fit several features in a tiny chip as well. Therefore, these professional cameras have all the technology, maybe more features, and unique ideas squeezed into them.

Sensor and image quality 

Until recent times, more cameras didn’t offer sensors to make the image. But since the need for sensors increased in recent times, there are so many cameras that have come into the market with high sensor quality that helps in creating the perfect image.

Due to the high sensor camera, the image or the video quality defines perfection. Therefore, many photographers and videographers are looking for cameras that specifically offer a very strong sensor quality.

If you are looking for a camera that has a good quality sensor and image quality, check out Amazon’s website and look for the best camera. You will find a bunch of features mentioned in the description about all the cameras by different brands, which will help you understand which camera is the best for you, depending upon the kind of work you do. Amazon is one of the best online shopping sites in India to grab the best quality product.

Shooting speed

This is the most integral aspect. If you are a professional photographer, you would not want your camera to take a long time to focus and click a picture. Therefore, the shooting speed of the camera should be quick as it will make your work easier.

If you are willing to buy a good camera, check out some good e-commerce websites, like Amazon, to order one for yourself. If you are looking for some discounts on your purchase, then go ahead and look for the deal of the day to redeem some coupon codes and save some money!

Battery life 

Well, this is a common feature that everyone would want in any sort of camera. If you are a videographer, you would look for cameras with longer battery life. In the past, some cameras were supposed to charge for hours, and even days, for it to work properly. But in today’s times, there are fast charging cameras, just like our phones, and can work for a very long time on just a single charge, making the professional’s work easier.


We all have seen how technology has grown in recent years. With time, there are new gadgets and appliances in the market that none of us would have thought would ever be made. Similarly, the era of cameras has taken a 180-degree turn. Since the professions in this field are increasing (news cameramen, videographers, wildlife photographers), the quality and design of the cameras also keep on evolving every day.

Earlier, everyone used to use a huge tin camera because back then, technology was limited and ideas were not new. But now, there are inventions and discoveries of different techniques that are made to make cameras more durable and portable. Isn’t this interesting to think? Well, with time and the fast-moving world, there are going to be more ideas and innovations that would make cameras have more features and functions!

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