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Bad breath is indeed every person’s worst enemy especially when they are trying to socialize with other people. However, unbeknownst to many, bad breath is actually caused by bacteria in the mouth and may lead to serious problems once this is not treated.  Here are some ways to clean the bacteria in your mouth, preventing bad breath:

  • Flossing and Brushing Regularly

How to avoid bad breath

The most basic step in conquering bad breath is by simply flossing and brushing your teeth. Whenever we eat, there are food particles that are left in our mouth; some being stuck in between teeth and some residing underneath your tongue.  This in turn promotes the growth of bacteria, as the food stays longer than it should.  It is essential to floss in order to eliminate any remaining food particles stuck in between teeth and to brush in order to make sure that any remaining bacteria that is already residing in your mouth can be taken out easily.

  • Avoiding Harmful Chemicals

A lot of people may not know it, but chemicals such as nicotine from cigarettes and caffeine from coffee are actually two of the main causes of dental problems. They stick into the areas of the mouth where it gradually harms it while causing the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Therefore, it is very important that people should minimize their consumption on these chemicals to ensure that their mouth is safe from harmful toxins that may damage it and at the same time prevent bad breath that it causes.

  • Washing With Oral Mouthwashes

Whether we like it or not, bacteria can never be removed in our mouths. The bacteria actually help us by making food digestible, but a lot of them may not only cause bad breath, but can also give us dental problems. Therefore, in order to control their numbers, one must wash their mouth with mouthwashes in order for the bulk of the bacteria to be flushed down the sink. Washing your mouth with mouthwashes is the equivalent of washing your hands with soap as it removes the bacteria.

  • See Your Dentist Regularly

Maintenance with dental products can only do so much for people, which is why seeing a dentist regularly is a must in order for you to know if your dental hygiene efforts have been working.  Dentists will let you know the best solutions to keep your mouth clean and healthy by recommending the best products for fresh breath. A lot of advertisements may fool people, but dentists know the right kind of dental product to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

A lot of people disregard bad breath as a temporary condition that may not lead to serious consequences. However, bad breath may mean that the bacteria in your mouth has increased or may be a symptom of some disease such as chronic acid reflux, chronic sinus infections, pneumonia, postnasal drip, respiratory tract infections, diabetes or even liver or kidney problems.

Nevertheless, it is still important for people to maintain fresh breath to promote dental hygiene and at the same time make sure that they don’t allow their mouths to get dirty.


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Peter Reed is a health writer for the doctors in Pennsylvania. For more dental tips visit your local lancaster pa cosmetic dentists.


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