How to be an Expert in Digital Marketing?

We all want to be an expert in our respected domain and to be called as an expert.

The only difference between an expert and a beginner is the amount of knowledge he/she has.

The right knowledge is useful and it must help you grow in your domain.

Right isn’t it?

As we know, Digital Marketing is a booming field and need lots of knowledge and experience.

Some of the Best Tips to be an Expert in Digital Marketing

1. Creative Content:-

The primary thing any digital marketer should have is the ability to create creative contents.

Any digital marketer works his whole life to get visitors, increase the amount of traffic and convert those visitors into sales.

To convert any visitor into sales is not an easy job and for that, we research the pain points of the readers/visitors and pitch them the right products/services according to their need.

If you want to be a successful Digital Marketer, then be creative with your content(write new articles, content, ad copies), in your thoughts, strategies and other related platforms.

2. WordPress Management:-

The only reason I learned WordPress is because I hate coding and I did not have any intention to learn how to code.

I was searching for the best blogging platforms on the internet and started working on in the initial stage. As you might know, blogger does not give customization option entirely, nor it looks professional.

It is not right to promote affiliate products and earn passive income(apart from Adsense).

3. More Than Text Inputs:-

I consider that as a digital marketer you might have a blog, if not big then at least with 1–5 articles.

So while writing it you might have researched it well, you might have done your keyword research, you might have chosen the best images, internal links, external links, and many more things.

The thing all digital marketer forgets is the usage of infographic images in the article.

At the beginning of blogging, readers use to consume written text and if the article is long the chances of it to get viewed was more.

Now reader wants to consume more things in lesser time, so they have diverted their source to infographics and short video’s.

As a Digital Marketer if you have experience in this, then you can engage your audience and convert them.

4. Data Analysis:-

In Digital Marketing we have got a unique power to attract consumers/visitors through tactics and strategies.

We analyze the data and decide on various inputs and things.

As a Digital Marketer, it is essential to know how to read the reports.

By the help of this report, you can change your strategy efficiently and effectively. This analysis helps us to scrutinize our campaigns and make it reach to the right audience.

5. Practice, Passion & Patience:-

I was about to keep this point on the top, but later I thought it has its right place.

We are marketers by nature and profession, but we do not know that everything will work out as per plan. So a digital marketer should have patience.

With our passion and continuous practice we can achieve great heights in the digital marketing field, and for that, we must have an ingredient called patience in us.

As there is a saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Continuous perseverance in your endeavors will help you become a Digital Marketing Expert.

If you want to be a successful digital marketer, then have patience, passion, and practice(my 3P’s).

6. Connect With Marketing Fundamentals:-

I am an MBA in Marketing, and the strategy I use in digital marketing will be the combination of Marketing tactics and Digital marketing Tools/Channels.

For example, if I need to distribute my digital marketing budget with the channels, then I use STP analysis(Segment-Target-Position). This analysis helped me in understanding my audience and how I am going to target them.

Some of the marketing concepts are very useful in digital marketing strategies.

Though I am not saying that you must learn marketing from the beginning, it would be a good option to know the basics if you can.

Digital Marketing backed with marketing concept can help you manage your content, targeting your audience, Segment your market and position your ad.

7. Stay Updated:-

If you want to be successful in digital marketing, then have a list of blogs you refer to all types of digital marketing topics.

I have nearly ten blogs for daily reading to stay updated in the domain(my field) I am working.

I like to stay updated in my field and help all of my customers, readers and my students for whom I give training.

Any expert becomes an expert when he can solve the problems based on the latest trends.

8. Understanding of Digital Marketing & Its channels:-

As a digital marketer, you should understand the power of digital marketing channels.

I often see Digital marketers avoiding the power of Google+ and does not consider it a proper channel.

So like the above example, there are so many examples present in the digital marketing field. This lack of knowledge happens only because of the incorrect information they have on the channels they use.

There is one more example, once a reader from Quora asked me a question “Can she Promote affiliate products on Quora.”?

If you ask me I would suggest, Quora is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website, Quora is also useful for keyword research, Blog Article Ideas and more.

9. Having Growing Nature:-

I was a beginner one year ago, and I want to create my blog.

That is how I started my blog on the in the initial stage, but because I want to grow my knowledge about blogging I purchased a self-hosting platform(

Just because I want to grow and start blogging of my own, I learned how to create a website from scratch without knowing to code, and I even take freelancing projects to design WordPress websites.

Now I own a blog named digitalgrace.


I hope this guide of mine will be useful for you and you can take maximum benefit out of it.