How to become a news writer in few simple steps?

How to become a news writer in few simple steps

A career as a news writer can be rewarding and fun. You get to work and meet with a variety of people and learn about new topics and fascinating stories that readers love to read. It is also a very competitive field and requires diligence and patience. Once you see your name on top of the news article, you know that your hard work paid off.

Getting a break in the news world is not easy, but not impossible for a talented writer. There are many websites from small to large that rely heavily on great writers to give their readers what they want. It is an exciting career and there are few ways to approach it.

What news Writers Do

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News writers are also called journalists. They find, do research, and write stories that interest readers. The kind of journalism news writer focus on varies greatly from publications such as daily newspaper and blogs.

With a few exceptions, news writers often produce feature oriented pieces. Some writers focus on smaller stories, while others produce narrative pieces. It can also be a profile based on exclusive interviews with sought-after subjects that can be several pages long.

It is common that newspapers and magazines need stories for their online publication. Some of these stories never make it to print, instead, they are published on their websites

Full-Time and At-Large

Full-time position as a news writer is one of the most coveted in the media world. Some lucky and talented writers take positions as staff writers for magazines. A staff writer usually works in the office and have more of a 9 to 5 schedule.

Other writers have an official affiliation with magazines and may have at large titles. It means that the writer is assigned to a certain number of stories for a set fee. These positions require no time in the office.

Freelance Life

Due to the nature of news writing, many writers work as freelancers. Some have cushy at-large positions while others work on assignment to assignment basis. Freelance writers who don’t have a steady gig can find it difficult to chase assignments constantly.

Some of the full-time freelance writers find success pitching stories, but many rely on editors to assign them pieces. The key to being a top writer in the editor’s mind, the writer needs to produce good and timely work. Sending them a small story doesn’t hurt either.

What Defines a Story

Every editorial staff is different and quite often a magazine will give high priority to those who contribute regularly. Once you set your foot in the news, they may send out a regular call for stories to their entire pool of writers.

How to Get a Job

College or experience:

A college degree, particularly a bachelor’s degree in journalism helps a lot. If you want to write for newspapers and magazines, a solid education in writing, composition, proofreading, and fact checking is a must. For the right individual with talent and drive a college degree is not mandatory. A good experience and a list of renowned published articles will also help you in getting your foot inside.


Many magazines offer internship which is often unpaid or pay very little, but offer valuable experience. These positions will give you an insight into the publishing process and look good on your resume. Magazines sometimes give a chance to an intern to write for them in the future if they are talented enough.

Read Newspapers and magazines

In order to become a news writer, it is important for you to understand the style of journalism. It is different from daily newspapers and the best to get familiarize yourself with it is by reading magazines. The same case with the newspaper, if you want to become a news writer for newspapers then you need to read the newspaper to improve your writing skills.

Start Writing:

Writers need samples of their work. Writing often is the best way to do it. Also, starting your own website is not difficult. If you think people want to get hot Nigeria news, then start writing small news pieces and post it on your website. Use that piece to get new offers and a chance to get a job as a writer for a publication.

Develop your style:

Every writer has their own style of writing and many choose to focus their career on a certain topic. While you may start as a generalist, finding a niche is good on many fronts. It keeps you motivated and allows you to concentrate and gain authority on a particular topic. It also shows how dedicated you are to a particular topic.

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