Healthy Cooking Ideas with Tasty Twists for Moms with Fussy Kids

The ideas are rare and hard to understand when it comes to healthy cooking. Sometimes healthy usually translates into boring food items so how to cook?. The name health reminds us of hospital or clinic food that looks pale. When you tell your toddler or little ones to eat spinach because it is healthy they make faces. Broccoli, is something that the kids think to be a bad word. It is true that you must eat greens, cut down on fats and prefer a healthy routine diet to tasty ones.

Best Foods to Eat

But how possible is it considering the present scenario? You try to plan that from this monday you will be eating only healthy food but you are not able to keep your promise. Either due to your kids or due to yourself or due to someone else. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain the plan without being obvious about it.


Healthy cooking should be combined with tasty cooking to make your dishes yummy. So, let’s take look at some ideas which will help you maintain a healthy diet regime.

Here, are the Top Healthy Cooking Ideas for Your Hungry Stomach

1.  Eat Cottage Cheese: Eating unsalted Cheese is good for your health. But it is no less tasty than any normal cheese. In fact, I personally find it to be extremely tasty. It is full of health benefits. It has got proteins, phosphorus, calcium and even vitamin B12.  So, you can make sandwiches out of cottage cheese, prefer eating it in kebabs along with other veggies.


2.  Choose Brown Bread:  Introduction to this variety of bread is kind of irritating for youngsters in the beginning. But in due course, it tastes much better than the white bread. This bread has a lot fiber and so it keeps the blood sugar in check. Therefore, if you are a diabetic then you can definitely choose to eat it. As a matter of fact, brown bread is a rich source of magnesium that helps in reducing the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.


Also, it is best for obesity control. You can eat this whole wheat bread and go without full course meal since it fills your stomach adequately. My favourite recipes made out from the brown bread are mushroom sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and pizza.


3. Switch to Brown Rice:   This is the rice that I loved as a child. But modern society told me that eating this rice is not good for health. Now that I’ve grown up everyone is speaking about the new discovery and health benefits of brown rice. I remember my school teacher telling me that actually polished white rice, lacked nutrients. However, her opinion didn’t hold any credibility then but now eating brown rice is considered to be healthy. I love its taste and it helps in losing weight. So, instead of using regular white rice for tasty rice dishes try using brown rice. Get all the health benefits along with vitamins, iron, zinc magnesium to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


4. French Rotis or Pancakes:  This is the recipe that I have made myself. This is extremely healthy and very tasty.  It is also very simple to make. Just a make soft dough of wheat flour, with a rolling pin make flat pancake. Don’t make it too thin or too fat, roast it in a pan. Now, make a egg mixture consisting of your favorite and/or available spices. Add salt and dip the lightly roasted pancake in it. In  a pan melt unsalted butter, put your egg dipped pancake. Tilt when one side becomes lightly golden brown. Serve when ready with tomato sauce. All health and all taste combined together. Now, this is life!


I hope you will enjoy these healthy cooking ideas using these tasty but new food items. Don’t think that only traditional high calorie items add taste to your cuisine, experiment and you’ll know something much better!

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