How to get your Favorite Foundations Luxury & Drugstore Brands

You have probably heard of airbrush makeup as an “airbrush” effect in magazines, movies, and beauty-related publications, but you are still not sure what it takes to apply airbrush makeup yourself, or if it is even something that is right for a certain special occasion. All that you know is that you want what airbrush makeup promises: an impeccable and natural look. Doing your own makeup can be a very daunting task, there are so many factors like lighting, smudging and blending just to name a few – so how easy can it be to do yourself? It’s actually pretty easy.

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While rarely inexpensive, airbrush makeup can be found at any local drugstore. It is applied by a small, handheld spray gun, that often comes in a kit with a few foundation products included as well. The airbrush effect can be made by a mist of foundation that is sprayed onto your skin, and in some cases can fill any undesirable pores, however, its main feature is that it is light and breathable. The spray is not only light but it also provides incredible coverage, allowing your skin to shine through the makeup, creating a more natural look. This effect is in a way trying to simulate what happens to the makeup on your face when a camera captures light. Without getting too technical, the camera will basically sense light in the room as diffusion of particles, really similar to how a spray would spread particles. This is why airbrush makeup feels lighter and more luminous; because it’s mixing with the light better than a super cakey traditional makeup. Traditional makeup means applying makeup using tools you would use at home. Whether that is a liquid, cream or gel would affect what tools you use to brush, sponge, and blend your makeup. The airbrush sprayer replaces those tools, although you are still encouraged to use them along with traditional makeup techniques. Not only is airbrush makeup lighter in quality and application, but it can also be more sanitary than traditional makeup blending and application methods. As long as you clean the airbrush spray gun out, it is less likely that bacteria will fester for airbrush makeup the way that it could for traditional brushes. Some airbrush makeup brands have built-in spray cans as well. Airbrush makeup also lasts up to 16 hours, which is longer than traditional foundations, and is more resilient to sweat, sun, and contact.

So now that you are sold on airbrush makeup, and you are ready to take a trip out to your local drug stores – which drugstore airbrush foundations are the best? In order to choose the best drugstore airbrush foundations, you must first know which color will match your skin the most. With that being said, let us jump right into some of the best drugstore airbrush foundations you can find.

1.  Era Everyday Aerobrush Foundation

These spray-on makeups actually come with their own spray can, so even if the prices are a bit higher, you will not need to have a spray gun. With an extremely wide array of colors to choose from, Era Everyday Aerobrush Foundation provides even, full coverage. While it may not fill your pores as much as competitors, the convenience of the spray can and its coverage allows you to say goodbye to those pesky demarcation lines. It dries down fabulously, and its finish is beautiful and naturally radiant. If you are concerned about transfer resistance, just know that this Aerobrush locks in well for even the hottest days.

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2.  Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Foundation

A best seller in America and one of the most inexpensive options in this list, Art of Air airbrush makeup foundation is a long-wear foundation made lightweight and accessible for everyday use. It is hypoallergenic so it will not irritate your skin; however, due to its low price point, this airbrush foundation is not waterproof and if overapplied it can create an undesirable powder texture. This oil-free, pesticide-free option is perfect for easy, daily application.

3.  TRU Airbrush Makeup Mineral Foundation

What makes TRU airbrush different than most drugstore airbrush foundations? Not only is its coverage the longest lasting, at 18 hours, but its mineral qualities boost your natural tones while being kind to your skin. It can be used on any type of skin type and comes in a few natural shades. It is dermatologist tested and was even chosen for official Miss America 2015 close-up materials.

4.  Magic Minerals Airbrush Foundation

This foundation by Jerome Alexander features and ultra-light spray for buildable flawless coverage, while remaining breathable for daily use. A delightful combination of usefulness and beauty, the radiant naturally glowing finish of this airbrush also hydrates and brightens your skin. In addition to this, the foundation can also help reduce lines and wrinkles around various areas of skin. This is absolutely sensational for reducing those troublesome demarcation lines, ensuring a full, even and believable look.

5.  Luminess Air Airbrush Dewy Finish Ultra Foundation

This version of Luminess Air foundation is featured for its buildability and breathability. It will not block your pores as it promises to last for up to 18 hours. However, what makes this Luminess Air foundation one of the best drugstore airbrush foundations is that the company does not test on any kind of animal.

Now that you are aware of what airbrush foundation is, as well as some accessible drugstore products and luxury items, the next step is practice using them. Feel free to experiment with mixing your own foundations; a lot of these options can be inspirational for base mixtures. Investing in your makeup involves a lot of trial and error in order to discover the products that work best for you and your skin type. Alternatively, if you’d like the benefits of airbrush textures, but are against the application process you can always apply the spray onto a traditional brush in order to blend by hand for desired results.

Airbrush makeup certainly has its time and place, but if you want some long-lasting, resilient options for weddings, beauty events or any public appearances you will know what to look for now.