How To Pass The Driving Test On Your First Attempt?


Sitting for a driving test can be stressful for some people. It is normal to be anxious on the day of your driving test. And in case if you have not taken any driving lessons Perth then it could be a dreadful day. This article will discuss some points that will help you clear your driving test on the first attempt.

Follow All The Instructions Of Your Driving Instructor

It would help if you never forgot that the key to acing your driving test is to listen to all the instructions provided by your driving instructor. You should attempt your first driving test by taking the prior consent of your instructor. It is always wise to sit for your driving test after your instructor gives you a green flag.

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You must be able to follow routes and directions cautiously. Please take your driving lessons diligently to enhance your driving techniques. Moreover, taking driving lessons from a professional instructor will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses while driving.

It is effortless to pass a driving test by learning some skills like a parrot. However, it is the duty of driving instructors to make you an efficient driver. The driving instructors will ensure that you become an independent driver.

A responsible driving instructor will ensure that you learn how to follow all the traffic and safety rules. On the other hand, you will have to be willing to understand what they are trying to teach.

Clarify all your doubts by asking your instructor. Having doubts about any particular technique will be an obstacle in the path of your success. It is necessary to develop a detailed understanding of all the skills and techniques to pass your test on the first attempt.

If you cannot follow the instructions of your driving instructor, you can look out for other driving instructors. Perth has many driving schools that will help you clear your test and obtain your license on the first attempt.

Checkpoints To Follow To Pass Your Driving Test In The First Attempt

It is not impossible to crack your driving test on the first attempt. You can follow these checkpoints to make sure that you crack your driving test on your first attempt.

Change Lanes Properly

You are supposed to change lanes only when you are sure that it is safe. It would be best if you did not change lanes suddenly without properly looking around. Utilize your mirrors accurately to check if a car is approaching.

Follow The Speed Limit

The speed limit is an essential factor to consider while you sit for your driving test. Your driving test should not seem like a race to you. You should maintain the appropriate speed limit and drive with careful consideration.

Increase Awareness About Your Surroundings

If you take up driving lessons Perth, your instructor will tell you to be aware of your surroundings. When you are aware of your surroundings, you will be able to drive more carefully. It would help if you always looked out for blind spots before changing lanes. You should drive safely around pedestrians and other vehicles. You should be careful enough to follow all the traffic signals.

Stop Your Vehicle Completely At A Stop Sign

Bring your car to a complete halt when you approach a stop sign. Your front bumper should always be behind the line to prevent creating an impediment for other drivers.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are planning to obtain a driving license, then get proper training first. Aventus Driving School is one of the best driving school Perth to polish your driving skills.

Here are some things that you should follow to ensure that you can pass your driving test:
• Have a light meal before your driving test. A heavy feel can make you feel bloated and nauseous before your test.
• Fill in your logbook with the correct details. Also, keep your learner’s permit ready.
• Relax and smile. Keeping yourself relaxed will automatically increase your confidence.
• Brush up on all your lessons mentally. Try to remember any valuable tips that your instructor might have given you during the training.
• Remember the acronym ‘SMOG’. It stands for Signal, Mirror, Over the shoulder and Go.
• Always stick to your lane and follow it while making turns.
• Maintain enough space between your car and other vehicles.

Skills That Will Be Assessed At Your Driving Test

You need to demonstrate the below-mentioned skills to pass your driving test with flying colours.

Moving And Controlling Your Car

Your assessor will evaluate if you are capable of moving the vehicle in the right direction. You should keep track of your speedometer and drive in your lane. If you can keep your vehicle in control, your examiner will find you suitable for obtaining a driver’s permit.

Pre-Drive Checklist

You must be able to exhibit skills such as pressing emergency parking brakes and making arm signals. You should know how to turn on your windshield wipers, headlights and turn signals. You must blow your horn and press your foot brake at the right time to impress your evaluator.

Backing Up

You must possess the skill to back up your car in a straight line. The examiner will check if you can back your car properly. Always make sure to utilize your mirrors while backing up. Furthermore, you should also look over your shoulder to place your car in the perfect position from time to time.

Ability To Follow Traffic Signals

Your examiner will keep track of your ability to obey all the traffic and road safety rules. Always remember to follow the traffic signals and act accordingly. Your examiner will be concerned about your ability to drive around safely. You must convince your examiner that you can drive while maintaining your safety and others.

Parking Lot Driving

Your ability to leave and return to the parking lot will also be examined on the day of your driving test. You should always drive slowly around a parking lot. You should choose a place that you are certain has enough space for your vehicle. You should park your car in such a manner that it is easy for other vehicles to navigate.

These are the few skills that will be assessed on the day of your driving test. Enrol yourself at the best driving school Perth to furnish these essential skills.

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