How You Can Use Technology to Lower Stress

Use Technology to Lower Stress

Technology is now a part of every aspect of our lives. From communication to medicine, you will find technological tools you can use to solve problems. One of the benefits of technology is the ability to lower stress.

5 Ways Technology Can Reduce Stress

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From helping improve communication to solving problems in science and medicine, technology has come far and is now embedded into our lifestyles. While one would argue for the downsides of technology, there are more benefits you could talk about. One of those benefits includes using technology for stress management. Through technology, you can borrow online signature loans and solve a financial emergency.

What Is Stress?

Before you explore how to reduce stress, you need to understand what comprises stress. It’s a feeling of being overwhelmed with emotional and mental pressure. Some stress symptoms include insomnia, frequent colds and infections, headaches, low energy, racing thoughts, problems with memory, irritability, anger, and depression or anxiety.

How to Use Technology to Make Life Less Stressful

  1. Relaxing Mobile Games

One way you can find means for coping with stress is by downloading mobile games you can enjoy. Gaming is not limited to an age group as anyone can embrace it and release all the stress and feeling of heaviness. Games distract the mind, and when you win, you get the satisfaction that makes you feel better. You can easily find mind-relaxing games on Google Play Store. There are ASMR games, widely known for their therapeutic properties. Games like board games and meditation games are also available and will help you cope with stress. Playing games like Candy Crush, Gardenscapes, and Solitaire will help you cope with stress and anxiety.

  1. Social Media

One of the best aspects of technology is connecting the world. Social media is a great way to meet new people and link up with friends and family. You can use social media to cope with stress as it offers many things you can explore, including watching fun content, joining exciting challenges, and following pages that post content that gives you the hope to keep going despite all the challenges.

For the majority of people, social media has provided an excellent way to escape from all the struggles of their daily lives. You can pick up your phone, log on to your favorite social media app, laugh at memes, enjoy cute posts, and find hope in motivational posts. Anything you want is available on the internet. Social media is a distraction you could use to stop focusing on the things that bring you stress.

It helps you tune in with friends and family. Not only can you find texting platforms, but there are also options for video calling, which is amazing if you feel stressed as you can talk to someone you love despite the distance. Being close to people is an old way of dealing with stress, as talking things out helps.

  1. Streaming Media

Anything you want to watch is now available to stream online. Media platforms offer shows and films you can stream from any part of the world. These are excellent anti-stress methods as you are able to watch things that take your mind off what stresses you.  Platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix are packed with great content, from documentaries and comedy shows to movies. You will always find something new that can keep your mind focused. Watching a TV show or a movie helps you deal with stress and anxiety. It’s one of the best stress relief methods you can explore at home. The shows keep you distracted as they help you keep going.

  1. Health Gear

Health gear is something you could use if you’re stressed. This includes small gadgets you can easily carry around, which are wearable. Gadgets like health monitors and smartwatches assist you in tracking your health and activity. Some of these gadgets offer anti-stress benefits as they can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can track your day and know which remedies to take if you’re stressed. Monitoring your health could tell you what’s happening, so you get treatment to remove the cause for your stress.

  1. Music

Other anti-stress measures you can try out include playing music. It’s a part of effective technology that has been used to alleviate stress. On every smartphone, you can find music, either through streaming or through the radio app. Playing soothing music when you’re stressed could help you clear your mind and calm down. If you’re anxious, you should plug in your earphones to distract yourself with some good music.


Like any other thing in life, technology comes with its benefits and downsides. For the majority of users, technology has made life easier. You can find technology everywhere you go, so you can use it for entertainment, to study, and most importantly, to distress.

How has technology impacted your life? Any other tricks to relax after a stressful day? Leave a comment below.

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