How to choose the right pet for your lifestyle

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Many parents find themselves in a situation when their child wants a pet to play with. Seeing as how not too many parents are able to resist the puppy eyes and constant persuasions of their kids, a small problem can arise. This article will help you face all the important questions of choosing the pet that will be best for your child and your entire family.

Which Animal to Get?

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When you agree to your child’s wishes of getting a pet, it is recommended that you sit down and have a talk with your family. That way you will get to know the wishes, possibilities, and needs of your family members who will now be facing new responsibilities. You need to carefully evaluate the time you can afford to take care of a pet, in accordance with your life style.

Kids cannot be trusted with pets entirely, even if it’s a gold fish. They need supervision. If this is your child’s first pet then it would be wise to get one that demands the least attention. This way you will make your life and the life of your child easier.

As is the case with other obligations, this new role of taking care of a pet require you to be a role model for your child and help it understand how animals are meant to be treated with. Don’t let your kid beat and twitch the animal or harm it in any way. After a while you will realize that your child accepted its new responsibilities and you can move on to the next step.

What do Pets Need?

So, the decision has been made, and you are now the proud owner of a pet! Congratulations! Here are some important things to need regarding certain pets:


All they need is a fish tank, some plants, and some food. You can get a large aquarium if you want to have many fish, or just an ordinary bowl if you plan on having one small fish. Pet stores are the place to go as they have fish tanks of various sizes so all you need to do is choose the right pet for your home. The same goes for choice of food and decoration for the tank. Fish are especially recommended for kids younger than 10.


These little animals require a bit more equipment and care. You will need a cage, litter, a feeder, toys, and a small house. Every pet has its own type of food to eat. As a food supplement, you can use apples, bananas, nuts and so on. Before you get a hamster, make sure you check its fur and temperament. They can live from 2 to 4 years and are very fun to play with.


Parrots are very friendly animals. You will need a cage of appropriate size. Keep in mind that you can’t put too many birds in one cage. Every parrot needs room to spread its wings. Next, you will need the right type of food, some water, fruit, maybe a mirror and a few bells. You can teach your parrot to talk, train it to sit on your shoulder and it will follow you wherever you go. With appropriate care and diet they won’t need to visit a veterinarian.

Having a new pet in your home can be quite responsible so make sure to keep that in mind when you are making this decision. Grooming and taking care of their healthy meals are just one part of the task. Don’t forget that animals are not toys but your lifetime companions that can give you an unconditional love and friendship.

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