Identifying the Right Playgroup School for Your Child’s Successful Career

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Right Playgroup School for Your Child’s Successful Career

The first and most important decision you make for your child is deciding which school you want to send them to. The right decision could pave the way to a life of happy learning, enrollment into a prestigious college and an immensely successful career. The wrong choice, on the other hand, could really upset your child and cause a lot of issues in the future. You must also keep in mind that while most pre-schools prefer kids above two years and nine months of age, but if you feel your child is ready to go, you can contact local schools to see if they are willing to take them.

The Chief Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing

Relationship between Teacher and Student Is Key
Even beyond the curriculum and facilities available, the fundamental relationship between teacher and child is absolutely vital to his growth and progress as a human being. You must absolutely find a teacher who is enthusiastic, engaged and willing to put in as much effort into caring for your child as she would have for her own. Head over to the pre-school you are considering, and ask to speak to one of their teachers. Have a conversation with the prospective teacher. Any good teacher will take great interest and pride in your child’s progress and will go the extra mile to get to know them inside and outside the classroom, from his interests to his emotions. By establishing this bond of trust and admiration, the teachers can accelerate the learning process and keep your child happy and interested.

Child’s Successful Career

The World of Words
In the formative or the early years, it is important that your child is surrounded by words. See if there are child-friendly books in the classroom, or if the class visits the library regularly. Good teachers always allocate time for reading and learning with a stress on storytelling to keep them engaged. For pre-school or kindergarten, the teachers must lay the foundation for learning to read and understand words, by teaching new words every day and focusing on syllabication, like ‘D makes the ‘dah’ sound’ and then using these sounds in alliterative sentences to focus on usage.

The Essential Steps
You need to be really cautious and extra careful while choosing the right playgroup school for your child. Here are the most effective steps to take toward identifying the right playgroup for your kid.

Step One: Deliberate Over the Basics
There is absolutely no reason to be flabbergasted by the very thought of choosing a good preschool. You simply need to consider if the preschool is good enough for your child and whether it would be fitting perfectly into your normal way of life. You must essentially have answers to the questions like do you want the preschool to be in close vicinity to your home or do you want it to be close to your office or do you want the preschool to provide the necessary childcare services during the morning or in the afternoon or throughout the day both during morning and afternoon. If you are looking for subsidized pre-school programs, then also, you must find out before you consider making your final choice. Once you are clear about the answers to the above questions, you would be able to narrow down the choices to the schools in precise locations and settings of your choice.

Step Two: Understand the Relevant Terms
You must learn and understand all the complex terms related to preschool education. Several parents are at a loss when confronted with terms like Waldorf Approach, Montessori Approach, child-centered or faith-based. Before you start researching, understand these concepts clearly as that will help you in making the right choice.

Step Three: Do Ample Research
Once you are equipped with the knowledge of the exact kind of philosophy that would be suitable for your child and if you know the locality you would prefer for your child’s school to be in, it would be really easy for you to do the required research work. The best way to do research is to reach out to some other parents. Look for their valued recommendations. Talk to your neighbors, friends, acquaintances, including your pediatrician or your older kid’s teacher. Another effective way of identifying a good school would be by browsing through the Internet. You could come across an active playgroup networking community, a fabulous place for tapping into some worthwhile advice and resources.

Step Four: Schedule a Visit
By this time, you have been successful in narrowing down your options and have come up with a couple of settings you seem to be genuinely interested in. Now is the right time to schedule a visit to each setting without losing out any more time. You could at once, understand how things work in a particular preschool by the way the school authorities react to your introductory visits. During your visit, you would automatically be observing if you are given a warm welcome or not. Make sure that the overall ambiance is warm and welcoming and that your child is showing a lot of interest in the things that are being offered here. You must essentially observe how the teachers and other staff interact with the children. Make sure that your child is spontaneously happy in the setting. Make sure that the setting is safe and adequately clean.

The entire choosing process seems like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be such an overwhelming exercise. Do your research beforehand, so you can go into the entire process as an informed, aware and curious parent. Ask the right questions, and you’ll soon be finding it very easy to compare, contrast and make an informed decision which will be best for your child.

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is an educator working in an administrative role in one of thetop pre-schools in the country. He has been in the field for nearly a decade and is extremelypassionate about teaching and caring for children. He has recently taken to blogging and he writes about the schooling system, how to choose the right school etc. and also shares useful resources like


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