Why Select Designer Sarees Suiting Your Body Type only?

voluptuous figure suitable sarees
Sari is an ethnic Indian wear and the usage of this apparel among the Indian women can be traced back to the ancient days, both as a regular wear as well as occasional party wear. A woman neatly draped in sarees beauty is an embodiment of grace personified. This factor along with the versatile nature of this garment has played an important role in transforming saree into a global outfit. Moreover, saree is perfectly suitable for women having various body types. Whether you have a skinny figure or plump figure, if you tidily drape up in the right kind of saree, the flaws in your body can be hidden graciously with poise and thus making the wearer beautiful.
Here are some reasons, why should always select voluptuous figure suitable designer sarees according to your body type only:
voluptuous figure suitable sarees
Bringing Out Your Inner Sensuality
The creative touch of fashion designers has brought about far reaching changes in the looks and appeal of the modern sarees, thus helping saree to cross the threshold of being elegant attire to a glamorous one. However to look like a diva in a saree, you need to select an ideal one. Sarees are available in different kinds of fabrics like silk, crepe, cotton, chiffon and many other materials. But these materials are not suitable for all body types. Therefore you need to make a rationale choice not only driven by your taste but figure as well.
  • Skinny Figure: Materials like cotton, tissue, tussar, benerasi or other variety of heavy silk and others that do not stick to the body are perfectly suitable for women who are thin. When these sarees are neatly wrapped around your body, it will give your body a fuller appearance and thereby defining the curves in your body and making the wearer look all the more sexy.
  • Voluptuous Figure: Fabrics like chiffon, net, georgette and soft silk materials are ideal for plump women. These materials have a nice fall and thus help in emphasizing the curves of the body of plump women and thus they are definitely going to look like diva while sporting one of these designer sarees.
Making the Most of Your Height
Height has a significant impact on the looks of an individual. Different kinds of designs and patterns are perfectly suitable for women with varying height. Women of short height should never wear sarees that has bold prints on it and avoid wearing sarees with contrasting colors. Silk and chiffon fabrics are best suited for short height women and monochromatic shades are best suited for them. Moreover, they should also see to it that the saree is wrapped around neatly with proper pleats as it will help in highlighting the curves of their body and make their appearance all the more beautiful.
On the contrary, any variety of saree is perfectly suitable for tall women with an average figure. They can confidently carry sarees with heavy and bold embroidery with bright contrasting colors. However, they must also pay heed to their skin tone while selecting an exclusive saree.
A gorgeous saree will be able to bring out the personality of the women and help you to emerge as a style icon. All these factors have assisted in transforming saree from a native wear to a global outfit with a mass appeal. But make sure to pick the right one in order to be in the lime light.

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