Guidelines to help you in becoming reachable in social networking sites

Successfully Connect Online with these Easy Tips

Social media is the most accessible and easy way to connect with people. Facebook reunites long lost friends and builds a bridge for families to connect even if they are miles away. Although people have easily learned to use these social media platforms, some do not connect effectively and aren’t socially accessible.Here are some following guidelines to help you in becoming reachable in social networking sites.

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Display Social Media Links. A social media link is very important in letting people know about your social profile. The problem is most people forget to display links to their social networking profiles. It makes it difficult for a person to build a strong social presence.If you have a blog website, you can have an icon connecting to your social profile at every end of your post.

Put Social Media Links to your email signature.

An email signature is an ideal place to put your social media link. Emails are widely used for communication and this will help in making people aware of your social profile. You can simply add a hyperlink to your email signature, or widgets to make it stand out. Widgets can be easily found on the internet with a quick Google search.

Interconnect your e-mail.

It is better to use one email for all social media accounts. Using one email would help people in searching for your accounts on the different websites. Many people actually use one email in responding to comments, blog readers and clients. This makes the communication centralized. Some websites enable users to gain access to their accounts with 2 or more emails. If you choose to use more than one email, you must check that it is interlinked with all your social profiles.

Be recognizable.

Your social profile would not be complete without uploading an image of yourself. More than being a confirmation of your identity, profile pictures help people in determining if they found the right social media account. To be easily distinguished by people, it is better to upload the same profile picture in all your social media profile. Remember to upload a clear picture which shows your features well.


It is highly suggested that you use real names for your social media profile. Putting nicknames is okay, but it is better to put in your real name for an easier search.
The focus of social media is to interconnect people. Some might have problems in keeping up with the complex changes on social media. As long as you heed these suggestions, you would not have any problems in connecting with your family, friends and colleagues. Being able to connect to a network is a great way to establish yourself and your brand.

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