Keep Life in Check With Gems and Crystals

Keep Life in Check With Gems and Crystals

Keep Life in Check With Gems and Crystals

A large number of people continue to associate healing crystals with meditation communities and with those who go to yoga retreats regularly. However, a closer look at the type of people using crystals and their lifestyles reveals that stress is the predominant reason for using them in today’s stressful world. Although they remain unverified in science, they are still being used by many celebrities, Wall Street millionaires, and other wealthy individuals.  

Being attracted to a crystal

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It is first necessary to purchase a crystal from the best spiritual store. An individual can either be attracted to the crystal or be repulsed by it. If he or she is being unable to address something important in life, the use of a crystal will be helpful. To find out the attractive properties of a crystal, hold it in the hands and close eyes. It will help visualize one’s future situation. 

About crystal energy 

Each crystal or stone has characteristics different from any other. Some are helpful for energy while others help in better focus. For example, the use of citrines and clear quartz in workplaces certainly helps employees focus well on their work. They are highly suitable in bringing about calmness. One will never be frantic about any situation in their presence. 

A suitable crystal in hand will always help accentuate levels, allowing one to flow at the same pace as the universe. By keeping the crystals or stones close for a suitable period of time, one will be able to gradually see positive developments in life.

Differences between gems and crystals 

A crystal is the term for a solid structure which has microscopic materials organized together in exact geometric patterns. Both diamonds as well as snowflakes are crystals. However, not all crystals are gems. The gems are inorganic or organic substances present in crystalline form, and are polished for different uses. Amber is well known gem, as is amethyst. People generally do not want to ask these questions as they feel they should know, but they do get confused at times. 

How important is the size of the crystal?

A crystal’s energy does depend on its size, to a great extent. However, the size will not be a hindrance in the absorption of energy by its owner. In most cases, larger crystals have more energy properties than smaller ones. In fact, there is no limit to their full size; some are even as tall as individuals! Of course, these will radiate very high amounts of energy, for which one needs to be prepared.

Keep Life in Check With Gems and Crystals

Using crystals for healing 

After purchasing the crystal online, it is necessary to set an intention with respect to it. Hold it in the hand and try to visualize a white light passing through it. One example of an intention can be career enhancement and praying for better opportunities to be available. This can be done by holding the citrine crystal. 

There is no particular time to set an intention. However, several experienced healers advise buyers to keep them in the sun for some hours, which helps recharge them with solar energy. The other option is to place them in a salt bath, so that bad energies gathered over time can move out. After completion of cleanliness, one must reset one’s intention on it. 

The best way to make intentions of healing crystals work is to keep them at closer distance. One can keep them either on the bed or on the office desk. Crystal healing is an excellent technique of alternative medicine these days. 

Suitable crystals to buy

As a beginner in crystal healing, one can choose from various types of crystals with different properties. Here are the ones that must be considered:

  1. Clear quartz– It is possible to obtain positivity, balance, focus, and clarity using this stone. Among the different types of quartz, Rose quartz is very popular among women. Being known as the love stone, it enables a person to increase self love before being available for love in the world. Quartz is the most powerful stone in the world and can work on any type of condition.
  2. Citrine– Citrine helps people in positions of high power. It is also regarded as the stone of success, helping people in demanding careers like sports and films.
  3. Aventurine– Looking for better luck in life? This is a suitable stone for the same. It is also helpful in enhancing mental powers, increasing peace, and enabling the entry of more money into life. A lot of people have experienced instantly lucky opportunities due to these healing crystals.
  4. Amethyst– It is a beautiful and abundant stone that keeps highly disruptive addictions and behaviors away while enhancing intuitions and spirituality

Crystals and gems are meant to heal individuals completely. Immediate as well as long term relief in terms from depression and anxiety can be experienced through them.