Key Vendor Problems a Logistics Software Company in India Can Solve

A logistics software is a tool that leading supply managers across the world use to supervise the supply of products from their starting points to their points of consumption. Every aspect of the supply chain in-between this journey – transportation, warehousing, packaging, and delivery to customers, can be administered using a high-quality logistics software tool.

From tracking the products when they’re getting shipped to creating optimised routes for delivery professionals – product vendors or manufacturers can manage efficient logistics workflows using a logistics software tool. A logistics management software is essentially three management tools rolled into one – supply chain management software, delivery/transportation management software, and shipping software. Hence, with an advanced logistics management software, vendors can effectively pre-plan and optimise their supply chains.

By partnering with a top logistics software company in India, vendors can expect –

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  • No difficulty or complications while managing third-party logistics service providers.
  • Better warehouse management.
  • Efficient management of vehicles.
  • Optimised transportation management, both inbound and outbound.
  • 100% accuracy while processing orders.
  • Improvements in their overall demand and supply planning processes.

30% of the world’s leading supply chain managers think that optimising supply and delivery chains should be a key business priority. That’s what a logistics management software can do! Apart from these general benefits, partnering with high-quality logistics software companies also helps vendors resolve specific problems that disturb their revenue-generating capacities all too often.

Here are some key problems that a high-quality logistics management software can easily resolve –

The Problem of Managing Operators

Vendors often face the problem of over or understocking. Since factors like market vitality, absence of stocking professionals, environmental factors, etc., are out of their control, they often have to overspend while solving transportation issues.

For instance, let’s say a delivery professional experiences unexpected weather-related issues. By the time he can inform the vendor, the next batch of products have already been delivered to the collection centre. Hence, such a small issue in the supply chain often spirals into large budgeting or capacity planning challenges.

With a high-quality logistics management software, such issues can be easily thwarted. The operator can instantly update his status on the software’s interface. Other members of the supply chain will immediately receive notifications about the problems one of their co-operators is facing. The vendor too, is instantly notified of these delivery problems. Then, the team can flexibly adapt to these operational challenges by either identifying the best routes or creating another delivery window for the operator. Thus, the vendor saves a lot of time and hassle by effectively using the logistics management software’s real-time visibility feature.

What is a Real-time Visibility Feature?

The real-time visibility feature helps vendors track the movement of their products across all checkpoints, user destinations, etc. Vendors can view the locations of their delivery professionals in real-time. This end-to-end visibility of all supply chains allows them to make instant decisions to save time and effort.

This feature can also be used to inform customers about the statuses of their parcels. As soon as they receive the product, the vendor can send automated messages to boost customer engagement. Some of the best logistics management software tools also come with automated message-sending features. Regular use of such transportation and operator management systems can boost freight savings by at least 8%!

The real-time visibility feature helps vendors optimise their delivery operations. Plus, the historical data collected from this feature can help vendors improve their decision-making capabilities in the long run!

The Challenge of Gaining Insight from Past Operations

Most manufacturers and vendors carry out thousands of deliveries every day. Yet, their revenue-generating capacities stay stagnant for long periods. Why? Because they’re unable to analyse their logistics and consistently improve. Be it cost-reductions or improvements in the average amount of time it takes to deliver products – accurate logistics analytics can help vendors a lot as they attempt to battle challenges like rising fuel costs, competition in the market, and of course the increasing need to optimise delivery times.

With a logistics management software, vendors can finally capitalise on the vast amounts of consumer and logistics data they collect with each operation. From optimising the routes delivery professionals take to improving how their inventories are managed – by harnessing the potential of the data they amass, vendors can significantly improve many aspects of their businesses. Some improvements that accurate data analysis can provide include –

Cut down logistical expenses. For instance, let’s say a vendor regularly delivers to a neighbouring state. By assessing the data that their logistics management software collects, vendors can easily find rooms for improvement every time their delivery professionals visit the neighbouring state.
No need to use multiple apps to gain business insight. An integrated logistics software is enough!
Using a logistics software that’s compatible with PCs, tablets, or mobiles means vendors don’t need to spend on specific devices. They can use their existing devices and generate valuable business insight on the go!

Until final deliveries to the end consumers, these software tools help vendors coordinate all supply chain activities. With such a tool, vendors can create a viable and integrated platform on which they can easily manage their workflows and ensure maximum accuracy at each step of the product delivery process. Making sure the right product reaches the right consumer at the right time has never been easier!

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