Travelling to Kiritimati Island for Christmas Holidays

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‘Kiritimati Island’ is basically ‘Christmas Island’ in the native language of Kiribati. Kiritimati Island is the part of ‘Republic of Kiribati’. The island is located a little west of the International Date Line. For those of you who have no idea what International Date Line is, it is the place where the date changes. So that also makes it the first place on the planet earth to have New Year on as it comes first in line. Many few people know about the existence of this place and the irony is that it is one of the most amazing places to be. The island, which is 70% of the ‘Republic of Kiribati’, is the biggest coral atoll of the world.

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The place can be a tourist paradise for having perfect location for watching coral reef beauty underwater. The reason that the area took time to be recognized as a place to be and still is lagging a bit, is the fact that this area had been a base during world war of the allied army. On top of that there had been numerous nuclear testing in the nearby area by US and UK army. During the testing none of the population was evacuated and thus sparked many controversies. The area has been researched and now considered to be safe.

Getting to Kiritimati Island

This can be a bit tricky as there are only few flights weekly to the island. So the only trouble is getting there since you have to plan your trip accordingly and in fact your trip dates all depend upon the availability of seats and flight to and from the island. From Fiji there is a flight in a week which arrives early morning and then on its way back stops again the same day at 3 to depart back to Fiji. So planning a day trip is entirely possible.

Accommodation at Kiritimati Island hotels

There are very few hotels and restaurants available on Kiritimati Island. These hotels are usually made on the facilities that were left by Allied forces and US. Many tourist companies have acquired these buildings and converted them into good hotels. There are total of four hotels on the island and the most famous of them all is named after Captain. Cook who it is believed stopped at the island in 1777 on the Christmas Eve. This is the reason the island is named as Christmas Island.

Things to do

There is a weekly stop of a cruise ship on the island. During this many activities take place on the cruise ship as well as on the island. Many local come out to sell handicrafts and canvas prints for sale of amazing coral reefs of the island. The island is a major attraction for the professional photographers for doing underwater photography of amazing coral reef and other beautiful areas and animal inhabitants of the island. There are tour operators on the line who offer on rent gear for scuba diving and surfing. There are scuba diving instructor who give training and arrange instructor lead scuba diving to nearby ship wrecks and coral reefs of the island.

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