The Value of Service in Leadership characteristics



The signs of a good leader are usually ingrained into how well the team is being managed. However, modern organizational structures necessitate a certain amount of understanding regarding the value of service in good leadership characteristics. In order to be a good leader, you must first learn how to be a good servant. The intrinsic elements of servitude are further detailed as you read on.

Leadership characteristicsEmpathy

By definition, the ability to empathize recognizes the emotions and disposition of another person. You put yourself in one’s shoes and you get to see a more vivid description of what they feel and experience. The ideal leader will be able to determine the needs of their constituents. A person who serves sees to it that requests are accommodated in a timely manner. By channelling empathy, the leader will then look for ways to effectively serve the best interests of the company.

Genuine Concern

When empathy is established, the leader will develop genuine concern for each team member. This is important for building rapport, the result of which is translated into a good working relationship. It would then be easier to allocate tasks and delegate specific projects. There would be minimal instances of a single member doing too much while others finish ahead of schedule. The team will work like a well-oiled machine, where someone underperforming will be given assistance in order to ensure that the project is on track. Eventually, the concern for each individual builds into concern for the whole project.

Attention to Detail

For leaders who started in the lower rungs of business operations, there is a considerable amount of detail and knowledge being acquired as the career progresses. As the servant becomes the leader, they bring with them a sense of meticulous attitude in accomplishing tasks. It’s much easier to be concerned about specific details when you are aware of what’s happening under the surface. Leaders can learn a thing or two about focusing on particular aspects of a project by experiencing the intricacies of servitude.

Good Example

Despite being a cliché in every sense of the phrase, the leader should always find ways to be a good example to each individual member of the team. It should be displayed that the leader is willing to serve, and this will become an intrinsic quality of the whole team. Everyone will feel obliged to serve each other while doing what it takes to make the project a complete success. In addition to milestones and goals, the leader will be able to influence each member to observe principles of servitude in their own way.

Service encompasses the holistic model of an organizational structure. Each staff is supposedly serving a superior or a customer, but in the end, the one being served ends up being oneself. You become a better leader by learning the value of servitude and how it can help in the growth of the company & Organisational change.

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