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How to teach students good habits

While watching an historical serial in the television, Linda had a doubt that why the king send his son to a school in the forest? The king is rich enough and the treasury in the palace in highly filled with the gold and diamonds. But still why?  The mother replied I have no time to answer your stupid questions like these and turned the head. This is a common situation in every home, where the both parents are working. Five years to fifteen years is the age of growing thoughts and changing habits of a child. This is the best time in your hand to mold them in to a good person. The following are the seven important habitats that you have to teach your children during this time.


You have to face the difficulties


Everyone likes to lead a happy life. When the things that we are dreaming become a reality everyone become happy. Doesn’t matter whether it is an adult or a kid or a matured person. The parents who trying to make their children happy must remember one thing that life is not always happy. When difficulties arises you must have the power to face it.

How can we maintain game and education together?

How to teach students good habits

Like eating food you must train the student to balance the education along with the games. If we do the same thing for a long time even the elder get irritated. Then what will be the case of a Five year old child? Till five years of old the student have the refreshment than the studying task. In order to make your child‘s education more interesting contact some best essay writing service they can help you by giving the best tips.

  1. Rules are designed with the good intention

Like all games have the rules and regulation we have also certain rules that must follow in our life. The first thing is that always obeys the parents. They always thinking of our good future. Both father and mother must have the c ordination for example if the father said “go and play”, but same time mother against said “no go and study”. The child felt a confusion that whose word I want to follow fathers or mother.

  1. Don’t waste money

Money is an important thing in our life. At the early stage of the twelve years itself take part the child also in the discussion of family’s budget. Make realize that without money life is impossible. So don’t waste money and handle it with care.

  1. Treat every situation positive        

We have to face risks in your life. Make realize the fact Parent’s pampering is not long lasting, handle risky situation with care and enjoy the life. Stay positive at all times. Feed your minds with healthy thoughts and say that you are awesome. You are blessed. You must chase your dreams and you are a perfect creation of God, the ultimate creator.

Now let us discuss the importance of travelling..

  1. Travelling brings the traveler closer to the nature. It expos us to different kinds of weather and conditions. The only one life that is given by the God to all of us, not made a waste. Use it for some special purposes also. The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Reading the complete page is impossible. So just try to complete the half portion of the book if you can. The impulse of travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life. We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. If you have to share your experience with others write a best travelogue and publishing it to any best essay writing service will also a good thing.
  2. Travelling can teach us many things much better than a book. Because it was a live experience. Most of the students have the compliant that studying the geography is really a boring task for them. I am currently working as an IT professional. I have two daughters. They also have the same opinion. Studying the geography inside the classroom not at all an interesting task. Suppose the historical places have been visited by the student, the boring subject can change in to a very interesting one. Try to include one place in the school tour package so that the student can visit at least one place.
  3. Travelling thrilling experience. If it is with friends then it is awesome. When I was a fourth year engineering student I had an industrial visit actually it was a tour plus studying package. We visited so many foreign countries. Those days are still cherish in my memory. We enjoyed a lot. These college tours is really a nice platform for making our friendship bonding stronger. I am saying this from experience because, there is a guy in my class who never said a word with me or even a single look also. But now she is my best friend. This college tour was really gave me a life changing experience. If I does not attended that tour I will never have a wonderful friend like her.


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