Lovely & Romantic Wedding Flowers for Marriage Events

Lovely & Romantic Wedding Flowers for Marriage Events

Flowers in a marriage express love and passion. Couples pick a flower that would tell their love story. However, many people have defined facts about flowers and their purpose and use. Rose flowers are popular at weddings. But we will notify you about other romantic flowers available for your marriage.


Roses are a traditional option for wedding flowers. They are a generic symbol of courtly love. Thus, people use roses on many romantic moments like Valentines, weddings, engagements, birthdays, etc. 

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Red roses signify tender love. You can use them to enhance your marriage venue and as a bride’s bouquet.
You can use the regular ross that is available during the year. They also exist in many kinds and colors. It tells why they are a favorite option.
Garden roses are also available all year round. Though, their petals are more, and they relate to peonies.


Carnations are the best option for rustic wedding celebrations. They are in various colors. Hence they go with many wedding themes. They also grasp dyes so you can make them suit the bridesmaids’ gowns. 


You apparently know them as Peruvian lilies. They have many colors and classes. They are popular in wedding venues. Their broad color range lets you pick alstroemeria that suits your wedding color theme. They are available through spring. 


When you are low on budget to bear roses, you can see for a more economical choice. Ranunculus has a close similarity to roses; The marked contrast is their soft and full petals. They have a velvety feel and are fragile. 


Peonies are big flowers. It would assist if you had a few stems to have a lovely centerpiece. They have a tale of romantic love. For over 4000 years, people have utilized peonies in passionate settings.
They are more costly than many flowers in the market. But since you use some stems, they are more efficient to use than rose flowers.

Calla lilies

Do you need sleek and stylish-looking flowers? Look no more. Calla lilies give you just that and make a striking centerpiece. You can use them as a bride’s handheld bouquet. They are ideal when you put them in dramatic tall vessels. They are excellent for summer garden weddings. 

Baby Breath

For many years, people used baby breath as packing flowers. However, their narrative is evolving as you can use them as the chief flowers in a bouquet. They are ideal for rustic wedding themes. 


Hydrangeas are another wedding flower option. It would better if you had a few stems to create a bouquet or centerpiece. They are in cool colors. Thus, they are ideal for people who do not like exciting colors. 


Anemones are common in modern weddings. Their dark center and colored petals make them create a unique bouquet. White and blush anemones are common in weddings. You can pair them with round blooms like ranunculus, peonies, etc.


There are many kinds of daisies. Gerbera daisies are basic in making bouquets. They are in many bright colors, and you can use them at a popular wedding. Daisies are linked with honesty and sincerity. Thus, they show the pure and perfect love amid the couple. 


When you need an exclusive flower theme for your wedding, you ask your florist to make some gladiolus. They have long stems with series of buds. You can use them to make an expensive centerpiece. You can see them in many colors. However, white gladiolus is popular in marriage events.


Gardenias are popular in summer and southern beauty theme weddings. People glide them on the water since they have no stem. They form a unique and pretty flower set for your marriage. 


When you need to tell the world that your spouse is your sunlight, a sunflower will give the message without you saying a word. Sunflowers have glowing yellow petals. You can utilize them in a low-key wedding ceremony. 


If you have wedding celebrations that will serve more than a day, you want flowers with a long vessel life. Tulips are your ideal option for that situation. They can last for days with most minor care.
Tulips can endure outdoor situations without withering. They are also a type of love. Hence an ideal option for a wedding frame.


Orchids are a symbol of charm and beauty. They are the first thing that attracts you to a lady before you settle to marry her. When you use orchids in your wedding theme, it shows you still feel the same for your spouse as you did the first time you saw them. They are common in destination weddings and traditional-themed weddings. 


Stephanotis is smooth and aromatic and is popular in wedding settings. Their shine gives nuptial bliss. Some people relate to them as Madagascar jasmine since they are a local of Madagascar, where they got their nickname. You can see them during the year, and they are affordable

Lily of the Valley

Usually, lilies have broad petals. But you can get miniature petaled lilies- the lily of the valley. They are local to Europe and Asia and have graced many weddings for several years. You can use them to enhance your venue or in the wedding bouquet. At various events, people use them beside other flowers. They are a token of generosity, modesty, and comfort. Thus, they are ideal for a wedding setting. 

Final Word

Flowers talk in the linguistic of love. You tell various passions using flowers. Flowers at weddings are not only for decoration. That is why rose flowers are popular in marriages since they are a token of passionate love. But as you have noticed, there are various other options of flowers for your marriage party.

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