Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Luxury Towels

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Ask many people what they love most about hotels and, once you take away the obvious answers about being on holiday, you will probably be left with the towels. Wouldn’t it be great if you could replicate those gloriously white and supremely soft bath towels at home? This article tells you how.

Spoil Yourself

Luxury TowelsIf you’re set on achieving the luxurious feel of hotel bath towels, treat yourself to a new set. Thick fluffy towels are a treat. Spend as much as you can afford, as the expense is generally worth it. Cheap cotton (and your towels must be cotton!) will look cheaper and will wear faster.

How to Keep the Towels Fluffy

If you want to keep your towels hotel-fresh, launder them like the big hotels! Most people who do their own laundry know not to mix whites with colours, but for hotel quality bath towels, you need to go one step further; wash white towels only with other white towels. If you wash with other items, even other white things like sheets, the lint from the towels could collect. You run the risk of piling.

Avoid fabric softener. Although that might seem odd and your instincts tell you that soft towels need the conditioner, hold out. There is a chance that mineral deposits could build up over time that not only can fade your whites, but also begin to take on a water-repellent quality.

Use a tumble dryer. In today’s environmentally friendly world, a tumble dryer might seem like the most unfriendly option, but you could line-dry your towels for the most part and then finish them off in the dryer.

It is worth considering that most hotels will replace their towels far more regularly than the average household. As soon as a towel starts to look worn, a hotel will replace it because their reputation depends on having supremely soft bath towels that are white and fluffy.

They Don’t Have to be White

Although almost all hotel towels are white, yours at home can be any colour. They can match the decor in your bathroom, or they are a great way to add an accent colour or reflect your family’s personality. Keeping hotel towels brilliant white is a good indicator that the hygiene standards are high.

Your bath towels are vital to the decor and overall style of your bathroom. They are the easiest way to make your bathroom look like a luxury hotel room, but they are also the easiest way to update your bathroom. The update can be temporary, perhaps adding in a flash of red over the Christmas period, or more permanent, if you do not have the budget to completely redesign the room. Perhaps, try a mix and match pattern, but avoid embroidery or applique, to stay loyal to the hotel theme. One more thing to consider in creating your hotel-inspired bathroom is the lack of clutter. Without any shelves covered in cosmetics and toiletries, the space adds to the feeling of luxury, even if the space is physically quite small.


Tom Lambert writes regularly on style-related topics for various websites and blogs. He specialises in interior design and accessorising and has recently redecorated his own bathroom, ensuring that supremely soft bath towels were the cornerstone.

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