Opening a Make Shift School in the Event of a Natural Disaster

Make Shift School

The world that we live in has changed dramatically in term of environment since last few centuries. Because of the phenomenon of global warming and extreme weather changes, there have been some catastrophic natural disasters seen around the world. On top of these natural disasters the never ending wars on the planet earth have left many of us humans bewildered and without any sense of direction. Unfortunately most of the government have not addressed these pressing issues and instead are paying more attention towards economy and place in international arena as important in a bunch. I sometimes wonder when I read books that have we all read what history has told us and if we have really read those history books what have we gained from it. The importance of education has been repeated over and over again and yet we seem not to realize its real importance.

Make Shift SchoolI have been associated with a charity organization which is working specifically on education system around the world. I am a volunteer there as a teacher and travel around the world to teach in some third world or disaster stricken countries. Our charity organization, thanks to some great school fundraising ideas for Australia of our team, has been able to generate continuous support from our donors to manage our campaigns. One of our specialty which makes us stand out is we have developed make shift schools for disaster stricken areas. We with lot of study and research have realized that children that of those disaster stricken area end up losing there year of studies in some cases because of their schools destroyed and teachers moving away to other cities. During these tough times we make sure that we are there to help them continue their studies so that they don’t lose any time and lose a year.

Make Shift School

Opening a make shift school internationally requires a bit of more work than normal. In some cases the procedure gets a bit lengthy because of requirement of special permission for the access to the disaster stricken area. These delays are usually because of security situation of the place as well. We try to focus and approach the problem in a way that we though we are making a makeshift school in the area, it is really supposed to be a permanent opening of our charity organization. We usually look for local partners and other charity organization to join hands with us in continuous operation of this make shift school. In the beginning all the staff necessary for teaching important subjects is flown in from abroad through our panel of volunteers to teach. These teachers are continuously rotated every 2 – 3 months ad of course they have their own commitments to keep as well. Once the disaster struck region is fully functional and the life gets back to normal, the international volunteers are gradually replaced by local volunteers. In some cases we also hire teachers which are funded by our organization.


The school premises with permission of the local authorities, is continuously expanded to give more and more facility to the people of all age of the area. Special courses for mature students are also conducted to get them going with running a small business of their own.

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