The growing needs for bike frame manufacturing industries

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Due to the growing traffic and pollution problems around the world, almost everyone is opting to use bicycles as an alternative form of transportation. Hence, bike frame manufacturing industries are also booming.


Originally, bicycles were only made from a simple mechanism that uses wooden bike frames. The wooden frames were covered with leather to provide comfort during use. Eventually, bicycles transformed and evolved with the modern times. Today, bike frames are available in different materials and some people may even decide on specific frame materials that best suits their riding needs. The frame’s main components are very important in designing your own bike. Each material available in the market has its own unique properties that can provide a range of benefits and advantages for every bike user. And most bike frame manufacturers need to find the correct combination of components for each bike model to withstand a specific type of terrain.


Today, steel is the strongest material that can be used for bike frames. Steel’s strength makes it the safest and most durable to bike wear and tear. It is also the most affordable and quite widely available, which is why it is preferred by most bike users. Steel is very easy to work with and can be made into a variety of different sized bike frames depending on your specifications. A tube bender and steel fabricators can provide different tube widths to help make the bike much lighter or much heavier, depending on one’s needs.


One of the most popular light weight materials for bike frames is aluminium. While this material is very light, it also tends to bend easily because of its natural lightness. Bike frame manufacturers usually use a larger diameter aluminium tube to help decrease the chance of frame bending. Titanium is another popular bike material because it has a natural gloss and requires minimal maintenance. However, bikes made from titanium are the most expensive, and is not readily available to everyone. Considered a high end rolled metal, a titanium frame is so durable, it can withstand and even be usable after a wreck. Carbon fibre is another expensive alternative material that is used for bike frames. It is a very strong material that can holds up to heavy weights and as such, is used to build large structures like boats. Carbon fibre bikes are most commonly seen used by professional racers as they tend to be more expensive than cars.


There are various quality bike frame providers available these days and before choosing a frame to work with, ensure to do the proper research about the materials to make a wise choice. Today, bike frames come in several different designs, but some of the most popular design is the double triangle or more popularly known as the diamond frame as it can make the bike lighter and more aerodynamic. And because bike frames designs are constantly changing, more innovative and comfortable bikes are being made available to the growing community of bicycle users.


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