Protect Your Hardwood modern Stairs with Attractive Modern stair carpet

Know about  Attractive Modern stair carpet

When you’re constructing your dream home, you want to make sure that you get the best materials. Aside from the interior and exterior design of your home and the furniture to buy, the flooring is one of the most important details every home owner should pay attention to.

Some homeowners prefer tiles on their homes especially in the living room and kitchen area. On the other hand, there are many others who want hardwood on all rooms, including the modern stairs . Hardwood floors are very appealing to the eyes. But unlike tiles, hardwood is easily susceptible to dents or scratches. It is also harder to maintain because it requires waxing and regular maintenance.

modern stair carpet

Nonetheless, hard wood flooring can be a good investment. If you’re planning to sell your home after a few years, then hardwood floor can increase its value. But there are certain measures you need to do in order to protect your investment.



Read on to find out how to protect your hardwood modern stairs-


Tips on how to protect your hard wood stairs using a stair carpet


Hardwood modern stairs add more touch and personality to your home. Aside from increasing the value of your property, hardwood stairs make your house more beautiful. More so when the hard wood stairs are protected by an attractive stair carpet.


Here are some tips on how to preserve your modern stairs.


  • Make sure to clean all the dirt and debris from the stairs regularly using a broom and a dust pan. No matter how small or dirt the dust and dirt may be, it can still cause damage in the stairs.
  • In case of any water spills, wipe it immediately with a cloth. Water can cause the wood to puff up and crack and eventually damage the floor. If there are any leaks that go directly to the stairs, place a cloth or newspaper to absorb the water.
  • Apply coating on the stairs every 3 to 5 years. Before doing so, make sure that the stairs is free from dirt, dust and water.
  • If you are moving some furniture up and down the stairs, make sure to use a safety pad and place it on the legs or edge of the furniture. This will prevent scratches or dents.


More importantly, always use an attractive stair carpet to protect your hard wood stairs. Stair carpets are an effective way to protect your stairs from wear and tear. Keep in mind that there are a lot of activities going on in the stairs. In other words, the foot traffic in that area of your home is very high compared to the other rooms.


By installing a stair carpet, you will be able to protect and preserve the hardwood stairs. Stair carpets are made of different materials such as polypropylene and plastic that is aimed at covering the stairs. Plus, it comes in different colors and designs you can choose from to match your home decor and decorating style.


Aside from preserving your hardwood stairs, stair carpets also serve as a protection against slips, trips and falls from the stairs. One of the most common reasons for injuries from home includes the stairs. By putting a carpet, you will be able to prevent injuries and accidents from happening, especially when it comes to the kids. Just make sure that you install the carpet securely.


At the same time, make sure to clean the stairs carpet regularly. Remove the dirt and dust using a vacuum at least once a week and let it dry out under the sun to get rid of dirt at least once a month. You can also steam-clean the carpet at least twice a year to remove the particles trapped in it. Through this, you will be able to preserve not just the stairs but the carpet as well.


There is no shortcut when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance. If you really want to protect and preserve your hardwood stairs, it’s going to take a lot of muscles – and patience – to get clean it. Nonetheless, the results will definitely pay off and you don’t have to waste money on buying an installing a new hardwood stairs.


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