Crew Neck or Hood – What’s Your Jumper of Choice in this new year?

Kevin Nelson


Are you a crew neck fan or a purveyor of the hood, so to speak? Does it matter? Will it affect how utterly stylish you always strive to be? Well, yes and no – these things must be considered by the discerning modern man and wannabe fashionista. Whilst crew neck jumpers are bound to suit warmer weather, hooded monster  jumpers are still great for those inevitable times when the cold chill comes back. Plus, these days they’re lightweight and breathable – many are now designed specifically for summer use, says Esquire journalist Simon Burstall.

crew neck sweatshirts with kangaroo pocket

There are two schools of sweatshirt popular at the moment and they couldn’t be more different. Either you’re the type of man who goes for a classic look – a long sleeved, fine knit product with few showy trappings. Or you’re a more bold individual with the confidence to go for a printed sweatshirt. Printed crew neck sweatshirts are bang on trend at the moment. Kanye has been seen strutting his stuff around Hollywood in an awesome shark print sweater and Chris Brown is fond of his peace sign jumper – how ironic.

Hoodies have always been popular, but now they’re moving away from the alternative scene and becoming more associated with real fashion, says Fashion Beans expert Ben Herbert. Hoodies are a big part of the street style movement, especially those with graphic cartoon prints or political slogans like ‘Occupy Wall St.’ Hoodies are considered to be less ‘high fashion’ than crew neck sweaters, but they are far more functional, far cheaper and far more comfortable. In the interests of deciding which are best when it comes to mens jumpers– the crew neck or the hood, here are three of the best of each.


Burton, Carpe Diem Crew Neck Sweatshirt £29


This sweatshirt has an awesome graphic print on the front. It features a seductively clad, heavily tattooed lady in the forefront of a graffiti strewn landscape. The sweater itself is an attractive maroon colour and it’s very lightweight.


Tokyo Laundry, Grey Hooded Sweatshirt £39.99


This hooded sweatshirt is a bargain at only £39.99. It features the familiar Tokyo Laundry brand name, complete with contemporary Chinese stencil symbols and the word ‘Tokyo’ in bold capital letters. It’s a fairly low key product – it’s a cool, calm grey colour. It’s custom drawstring hood and super soft lining are two more advantages. It’s not quite as lightweight as some of the other hooded sweatshirts on the market right now. This one could be best left for the Autumn.


Jaeger, Polka Dot Crew Neck £90


At £90, this Jaeger crew neck sweater is on the pricey side, but that’s only because it’s made from the silkiest, softest material. It’s a very high quality sweater. Again, it will probably suit a more fashion forward gentleman – it’s polka dot pattern is quite eye catching and will surely turn more than a few heads, promises the Guardian.


Farah, Winston Fairisle Crew Neck £35


Quite a bold jumper, this one. It’s a bright maroon colour with attractive cross stitching details. It’s extremely good value considering the fact that’s made up of over 80% lambs wool. It has a little Farah insignia in gold thread never the right breast, a ribbed neck and dark cuff trims. It looks as comfortable as it feels – it’s the type of jumper that your girlfriend or partner is bound to love snuggling close to.


Eleven Paris, Khalifa Hood Sweatshirt £99


If you’re into street style, it doesn’t get hipper than this printed Wiz Khalifa hooded sweatshirt. It’s made by acclaimed street –wear design company Eleven Paris. Even if you’re not the biggest hip hop fan, you can still invest in this hoodie and look cooler than cool. Do you think all of those teenagers walking round in Led Zeppelin T-shirts know who Led Zeppelin actually are?


Tom Tailor, Underground Vibes Hooded Sweatshirt £39.99


A bit more demure this sweatshirt, but still achingly cool. It’s a navy blue colour with a rather fetching turntable design. In other words, it’s great for music lovers and at just under £40 – it’s a bargain too. Put it on and watch those heads turn.


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