How to Capture the Marvelous Charisma of Mighty Mountain Peaks

Capture Mighty Mountain Peaks-Tips


Lots of individuals prefer to expend their vacations at some hill station or highlands, it become obvious for them to preserve their memorial events, leisure times and accomplishments through photography. As the time passes the skills and capability of snapping escalates towards expert photographic style. Capturing of enormous Mountain Peaks   and hilly areas offers a large range of photographic pleasures as well as challenges. If you try to fit a large range of peaks into one frame, it will spoil the beauty of image. Make an effort to crop the photo frame that demonstration one or two crests and its worthy to convey scale, whereas telephoto lens can fill the frame it give it a complete view.

Mighty Mountain Peaks

For shooting a wider landscape, include some foreground that will balance the image. Opt for foregrounds like farmers working in ridged fields, local shrines, carriers resounding impractical loads, native kids cheering etc. Every element will spice up the shot. Mountains are perfect for landscape views, the best way to hold those moments close to you through incredible panoramic canvas prints by getting the shots with handy cameras or you can apply your skills of image editing and.

Shooting hindrance

You may encounter various problems when shooting a landscape surrounded by mighty mountains. As the sunrise is being considered a golden to capture the beauty of nature in photography, mostly people strive to capture that glowing light which can provide the image a lovely warm tint.  But when shooting at mountain that golden hour is found to be totally absent or less visible. So don’t waste your time to get that glow. Snow can also behave as hindrance while shooting as it make your camera underexposed, or extreme UV can overexpose. Another issue that create problem is distracting long shadows of pine trees around, if you find it tough to deal with, then set up the angle of camera precisely at the edge of a stream or a waterfall to control the high shadows in the picture.

Save your gear

The rigid weather conditions at hilly areas can damage you camera lenses and accessories you carry to shoot. Cold weather reduces battery life, so keep additional supply all the times. Always be conscious of condensation developing over the lenses and also inside of your equipment that can lead to severe damage. While moving to warm areas, let the temperature of your gear to balance before operating. Get a protective UV filter on camera to lessen the possibilities of haze at lofty ranges.

Add charm

In attempt to capture the Whole Mountain or clouds above the peaks would mark your image passive and meaningless. Apply the technique of cropping the picture to comprise natives and your mates in the setting that will introduce a sense of scale and charming element. The fascinating large canvas printing will captivate you for future time right at your living area by decorating.If you include people on the rim of photo with the crests practically reaching the pinnacle will convey the magnitude of mountains. Elude the overlapping of figures in the photo or appear jumbled. Polarizing filter, B+W and Hoya filters for amateur lenses are valuable to exploit insightful impressions.

Black & White

Colors always don’t work well with landscapes to broach the mood and expressions of nature. Why not play with just black & white to seize glorious clicks, just like the Peruvian shots. You can decide to take black and white picture through your camera before shooting or can convert the image later. Not all the photos view well with b/w settings as some views are extremely color reliant. So never ruin those images with B&W and special effect, simpler is always better.


Proper light fall, hue and warmth is as important as the rest of all photographic techs at a hilly location as the peaks can obstruct the rays of light from several angle throughout the day. The quality of light whether soft or harsh, may change the entire look of the shot. Light Direction is another important aspect to take into account. Light Temperature in addition to color light like warm dawn light, indigo light at sunset, or colorless light at mid-day is also worth to be considered while photo shooting. If you want to develop dominant pictures with intense shadows, than use strong light to achieve the target. Shadows would look stretched and melodramatic if sun is low in the sky. Work with f22 to produce a star-burst upshot circling the sun needless of any special filter but lenses quality is obligatory.


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