Troubleshooting Your MultiRAE plus 6 Gas Monitor

Whilst a gas monitor is extremely useful in gas detecting the presence of potentially harmful substances in your workplace, they are prone to developing a few issues as a result of age, misuse and even faults with their manufacture. If your MultiRAE plus 6 gas monitor is experiencing one of the below problems, at least you will know how to troubleshoot it.
Problem #1: You cannot turn the monitor on after charging its battery
MultiRAE plusThere are a number of reasons why your device may be experiencing this issue, such as a discharged or a defective battery or even a microcomputer hang up. To rectify the problem, try the following:
  • Re-charge or replace the battery.
  • Disconnect then reconnect the battery to reset the computer.
Problem #2: The readings are abnormally high
There are also a number of causes for this type of issue, including using the wrong calibration data, a dirty PID module, a dirty water trap filter or excessive moisture and water condensation. To rectify the problem, try one of the following tips:
  • Re-calibrate the device with gas.
  • Clean the PID sensor module.
  • Replace the water trap filter.
  • Blow-dry the sensor module to remove excess moisture.
Problem #3: The readings are abnormally low
Whilst there are only a few causes for these sorts of issues, they can be just as damaging as any other. An incorrect calibration or a low sensitivity to the specific gas could be the cause, and you can fix the problem using the following:
  • Calibrate the monitor.
  • Replace the sensor.
Problem #4: There is a small background reading but no detectable gas
If your monitor is experiencing this issue, it could have been caused by the sensor zero having drifted, the battery may have been disconnected or the sensor has been newly plugged in. Rectify the problem via the following tips:
  • Complete a fresh air calibration.
  • Wait for the reading to stabilize.
Problem #5: The device has a calibration error message
The main causes for this problem are having a no or low standard gas input, or it is experiencing a sensor failure. To rectify the problem, you should try one of the following methods:
  • Make sure that a standard gas flows into the monitor and that the concentration is high enough.
  • Clean or replace the sensor.
If your MultiRAE plus 6 gas monitor is experiencing one of the above problems, it is important to remind yourself that it is not the end of the world. You don’t have to buy a new device but, to ensure that you are taking accurate measurements, you will have to troubleshoot the device using the methods outlined above. If you are still unable to rectify the problem, make sure that you take it to the professionals.


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