General Tips For Music Instrument Practice Time

All of us in life strive to make the best out of ourselves in life. As the saying goes no pain, no gain as before we become the best in any field, before we can truly be called great and achieve enormous exploits, there has to be hard work and dedication. We have to sacrifice a lot for us to achieve what we want. We have to forgo certain things for our efforts to bear fruit that might mean sacrificing time for leisure, time with friends or family, putting in a lot of money and other resources like our energy. The field of music is no different. The greatest musicians, instrumentalists and producers involved in music had to go through rigorous training for them to gain the skills that have established them. If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument, you have to know what kind of musical instrument you want to play and be committed to knowing it. These days with technology, there is no excuse for you to lack the skills to play your favorite instruments. You can get tutored on YouTube or you can find a group or association. But the tips for a musical instrument practice are relevant wherever you’ll go and whichever person you engage with. The following are just three quick tips:

General Tips For Music Instrument Practice Time

1. Commitment-
This means that you show up for practice every day. You will be required to put in a lot of effort and time. You will need to put your schedule in order and prioritize your time properly. If you show commitment there is no doubt that you will grow in perfection.

2. Keenness-
Be attentive on what you are being taught. Pay undivided attention to what the instructor is teaching you or on any tutorial you might find. By being all ears and focusing you will get the key concepts ad little details.

3. Patience-
To achieve the best, you have to be patient. Rome was not built in a day. You will have to accept that on some days things will not go as planned but depending on the instrument you are learning it will take time, you might even take more time than the others in your program, learn to be patient, you will get there.


After those quick tips, here are the general tips for musical instrument practice time;

1. Practice-
There is no easy way to success. You have to invest in practice. It is advisable for your musical instrument, to practice at least 20 minutes per day. In each practice session make sure that you take time to relax and warm up. Make time in your daily routine to practice. If you have decided that you are going to do it in the morning make sure that you get up an hour or minutes before you head to work or school, if you are going to do it in the evening, do it before going home or meeting up with your friends. Scheduling your music routine at appropriate times will not inconvenience your routine and it will make instrument practice sessions exciting and you will look forward to learning the instrument. You will with time your exercise routines will increase as you get better and better.

2. Be free to make mistakes
The truth of the matter is that before learning that piano, saxophone or playing those drums, you will get a few notes wrong, you will be off beat a couple of times and you might even feel like giving up. As stated earlier, you will not learn in a day, you will have to embrace patience and accept that you will make mistakes, it is part of learning. The good thing is that you will learn from those errors and the following day you will not repeat them.

3. Consult your instructor
You will need to be close to your instructor if you have to succeed in playing the instrument. If you do not understand the various keys of the piano or you do not strum the guitar in-key, feel free to consult your instructor. They are there to help you and you cannot do it on your own. Consulting your teacher will make the learning experience smoother and you will get the expertise to play the instrument faster.

4. Maintain your instrument
Ensure that you keep your instrument in good condition. Store it in a safe place that is moisture-free and pest-free. Also it is good to observe good hygiene standards for your instrument. Taking care of your instrument will make it easier for it to perform well. If your drum set is tearing, make sure that it is checked out. This applies to every other instrument that you possess.

5. It is never that serious
The essence of learning a musical instrument is to broaden your skills and have fun while doing it. Do not make instrument practice sessions a life and death affair. You will eventually learn, make it an enjoyable experience.

6. Be comfortable
This can be said in two ways. Make yourself comfortable when you are in practice. Make sure your sitting position is good and place the music sheet at a distance where you are comfortable. If you will learn to play well, your body positioning should not be strained. Also take time and rest, doing too much and trying too hard will not necessarily make you achieve the results that you want. Relax

7. Be yourself
Finally, you are going to learn at your own pace. Do not rate yourself with others. The reality is that, others are going to be better than you. Do not compete with them. It will make it much easier to learn and much more beneficial if you took it one step at a time.

These are the tips for general musical instrument practice time. Challenge yourself, go and learn to play your favorite musical instrument.

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