New Engines for Opel Adam S turbo: Muscles and Diet

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The stylish Opel Adam will not stay long without new engines are known for a long time. Right now come.


In the name of Gallows limits of fleet CO2 is further limited by the number of cylinders and lifting replace ounce glass of turbocharging. Most recently ventured into cuts Opel, who was now placed on white paper drawing liter petrol three-cylinder 1.0 SIDI Turbo for segments A, B and C. It is developed it in cooperation with Chinese firms SAIC, Shanghai GM and PATAC which it will be installed parallel to their own models.

opel adam 1.0 turbo


Opens the all-new global family of three-and four-cylinder all-aluminum units from 1.0 to 1.5 liters, which have a GM will soon replace the one hand, the last maturing aspirated and turbocharged three-and four-cylinder Family 0/1 1.0 to 1.8 without direct injection, as well atmospheric the S-TEC originating from subsidiary Daewoo / Chevrolet.


For GM, the new three-cylinder manufactured in Hungary Szentgotthárd. In addition to the smaller Opel and Chevrolet (Sonic, Cruze) initially find themselves also in Chinese compact model MG 3 (successor to the Rover 25). Later, it heads to larger models.


Unit 1.0 SISI Turbo debuts a more powerful version of 85 kW, replacing atmospheric 1600 against which saves 20% fuel at 30% bonus of torque. She was given an entirely new lightweight six-speed manual transmission with triple synchronizing the first two and the second two double speed, which already Opel salt as needed – existing cabinets have a structural foundations in the 70s and often rightly criticized for weak synchronization.


The new three-cylinder debuts in a stylish model Adam, where it soon will be joined by 66 kW version, alternating atmospheric 1600. Both offer the same torque of 166 Nm at 1800-4700/min and standard consumption of 4.3 l/100 km.


That has allowed many modern elements, starting with continuously variable timing of the intake and exhaust valves through optimized aerodynamics and internal friction (surface use DLC – Diamond Like Carbon and oil pump with variable flow) to the high-pressure direct injection sequential, or integrated and thus cooled exhaust downspouts. Those at the cost of worsening internal aerodynamics reduce overheating of the catalyst at high loads, so it is not necessary to cool the auxiliary fuel injection. The turbocharger integrated into the exhaust manifold improves its response and overall internal gas flow.


It is interesting that unlike Ford, which has a comparable-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost managed dynamic balance crankshaft flywheel mechanism and eliminate the need for balance shaft, on the contrary, it used Opel and straight talk about it as a great advantage. Runs in an oil bath and to reduce noise it drives the chain with inverted teeth.


In decibels fought differently, primarily diecast aluminum, which makes managed to create a stronger and thus more resistant to vibration motor block at a lower final weight. The manufacturer boasts that three cylinder engine is quieter than many competing four-cylinder engines, especially turbocharged, and completely removed the walling unwanted vibrations, characteristic of some triples older.

Adam S

Dynamically based drivers coming toward polo sport version of the Opel Adam S, equipped with a fundamentally innovative indirect injection cast-iron four-cylinder turbocharged 1.4 older series Family 0 offering 110 kW. While continuously variable valve timing all have had recently cooled manifolds and integrated turbocharger, hollow camshafts and a plastic intake manifold.

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