Articles about newest technology for your car

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Car technology advances with every model that comes onto the market and this year is no different, with time-saving, safety and navigation devices set to take auto gadgetry to the next level.Find the Articles about latest technology for your car   .


Whether it’s an entertainment app that acts as your own personal DJ, or just a gadget to help you get from A to B quicker, the world of car technology is ever-expanding to make life easier on the road.


The biggest advances have rightly come in safety, with bafflingly-smart monitoring systems, while time-saving devices ensure you never forget where you parked the car again. If you’re looking for the next big things in auto technology, take a look at some of these new ideas…

Articles about newest technology for your car

New time-saving devices


A new range of proximity gadgets work for both your car and smaller items like mobile phones, aiming to save you precious time and reduce stress by tracking your most cherished possessions at all times. Leave the sensor in your car, and the Bluetooth fob will alert you if you stray too far from your parking spot. There’s even GPS tracking to trace the whereabouts of anything from an SUV to the place where you dropped your wallet. Just don’t forget to add the fob to your keyring before you leave!


Time-saving auto technology is also helping mobile businesses make huge progress with both efficiency and customer care. Customised mobile technology  developed for companies that fit and repair chipped windshields for example , now allow technicians to print forms and invoices straight from their van, and use specially-designed apps to search car makes in order to tailor repairs in specific situations. Mobile technologies like these ensure technicians don’t have to make further appointments or waste time out on the road.


Safety features to watch out for


Radar is big news in the car technology world at the minute, with new collision-mitigation systems coming one step closer to the much-anticipated ‘self-drive’ car. We may not have Total Recall-style tech just yet, but these systems not only flag up when you’re too close to other cars or going over the limit, some models actually apply the brakes for you when collision is likely and even make sure your seatbelts tight enough.


Since car designs are sporting navigation displays almost by default now, a rear-view camera is a fairly simple piece of kit to add to a new model, but one that could really up the safety standards. What’s more, these could signal an end to rear blind spots – especially useful when reversing in residential areas where there’s always the risk of children and pets playing nearby. Of course, these are likely to be snapped up by anyone who drives a or camping van or any large goods vehicle in which rear-view mirrors are non-existent.


Sat-nav updates


You’d be forgiven for thinking that satellite navigators were old news, especially when you consider most high-end smartphones come equipped with similar technology. But it seems car-tech designers still have a few tricks up their sleeve.


There are larger viewfinders to play with, from a fairly modest 5-inches right the way up to 9-inch tablet monitors that are only really safe for those with lorry-sized windscreens. Then there are speedier response times, with units able to change journeys in the blink of an eye and more advanced access to map changes, traffic and roadworks. But the real differences in models like the Garmin Nuvi come down to more intuitive satellite navigation, which gives out directions like ‘turn right after the petrol station’, so adopting a more human, helpful approach.


Which new auto gadgets can’t you live without?


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