Outstanding Reasons to Use Quartz Composite Sinks for Your Construction

Composite Sinks for Your Construction

Originally posted on December 28, 2019 @ 9:54 am

You need to know the different merits that make Quartz ideal for the construction of your kitchen sinks today. Quartz has been for some time the most ideal materials that constructors trust to do their bathroom and kitchen sinks during construction. You do not have to go for extra costs to look for natural stones like granite and marble when you could just settle for this manmade material with similar properties. A lot of similarities go into the preparation process of both granite and quartz so you just need your budget to accommodate quartz granite sink for a more exquisite creation. Discussed are some advantages of using quartz for your sink construction.

Heat Resistant

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Since most of these sinks are used in the kitchen where the possibilities of high temperatures are high, quartz granite sink become the most ideal material for its high heat resistance. The surface made of this material can work even above 500°F which makes it very durable. You do not have to worry about repairs because the surface is scratch-resistant too and is not easily stained. This is an ideal option for constructors that want value for their money.


Quartz is made using an 80:20 ratio of engineered stone to acrylic resin. The result or ultimate product is therefore non-porous and almost impenetrable. Your sink will therefore not stain easily which makes cleaning even simple. Quartz offers you a one-time investment that will not stress you for repairs and maintenance in the future like most low-quality substitutes some people use to make their sinks. For cleaning, just clear and soapy water with a rag could do the job for you as you wipe your sink clean.

Color Does Not Fade

This is also another reason why quartz material is most preferred globally. Its ability to maintain its color even after a variety of uses still amazes constructors to date. Since the material is artificially made you could just choose the color variations and styles you need depending on your house theme or preferences. Regardless of what household activities you do on this type of sink, the color remains intact as new which makes it ideal for most renovation projects.


Did you know that you could buy a quartz sink for almost the same cost as that of an entry-level stainless steel sink? All of this is determined out by the shape and design of the sink that you require. You can thus comfortably upgrade your kitchen to the modern designs without overstretching your budget.

Multiple Installation Designs and Techniques

When buying your quartz sink you could place special instructions on the design and how you would prefer your sink to be mounted. Sinks can be either under-mounted or others actually prefer to mount them on top. You have to be keen when providing instructions to your manufacturer on the size that you want for your kitchen. You have to be precise with the instruction to get something that fits and prevent other inconveniences that may come with it.

Eco-friendly and Affordable

You will be glad to know that quartz sinks are eco-friendly. Generally, they are made up of around 80% quartz and the remaining percent consists of quality grade acrylic. This makes them tougher than the natural rocks and materials like granite. In fact, the technology used to manufacture them is eco-friendly and this material can be used to come up with new designs using the latest techniques. Also, you can find them in multiple colors and attractive styles. Moreover, since no quarrying process isn’t involved it makes sinks made out of this material affordable and readily available in the market.

A Wide Range of Patterns

Although the color variation might be limited, you can get a wide range of patterns in the quartz sink models. It all depends on how the quartz gets cut or grounded. The degree of smoothness also varies based on how finely it is grounded. And the good news is most manufacturers will even replicate the look of a marble or granite sink using minimal resources while ensuring it is visually appealing at a low cost. More about manufacturers below.

Reliable Manufacturers and Suppliers

The quartz industry has come a long way from the early 1960s as now you can find reliable manufacturers close to your place who can come up with high-quality sinks at affordable prices as discussed above. So you are never short of choices when it comes to the patterns, quality, and colors you can select from. You can find both bar-prep and kitchen suitable sinks that come in edgy designs when you opt for quartz composite models.

In the end, ensure you choose a reliable manufacturers who understands the importance of making your kitchen both functional and attractive.

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