Overcoming depression-Expert identifies 100% main culprit of depression

Overcoming depression-

Who care for us? Its strange question we can ask to ourselves to our subconscious mind when we really need perfect answer to find who are the one who really cared and loved the most.
Everyone needs caring husband,a friend,parents time to time which is undeniable fact even when you have all the wealth in your pocket.Such is the value to the emotion of caring were money can’t buy you emotions in any parent of woareld.
 Overcoming Depression
Such is the importance of caring in one life that whoever has such caring people are the most happiest in the world.it is found in todays world many are suffering in mental disorder that even after achieving so mush financially they didn’t find peace.
This Rich people will agree that poor people who have everything lost in there life in poverty, but finds true caring people to support them in the times of odds.
This caring people makes poor believe that they are always ready to give him strength, support our help when he is in need
Its fact that people are searching for true love and not fake love or fake people to lead happy life. So everyone needs such caring  people in life irrespective of his social status in todays world.
Research says that many billionaires ,celeb around world face lonely life ,they just are devoid of people who really care for them.
They always complain everyone that they never ever found real caring people,all they found was fake love eyed on there wealth.
This finally makes this celeb lead life of drug addict,pain killers’ and finally in to drug are rehabilitation centre our drug overdose situations like Michael Jackson.
It is  now trend in America were on daily basis many crimes are are reported due to drug abuse,so many youngster are totally addicted to drug to just get excitement in there boring life were there is all fake love and no one really cared for them.
In holly woods many actress are caught for drug abuse and there indecent drug behavior just to ease pressure or survive in the competitions and get fast celebrity status.
Such habit has been cause of death of such stars just that they couldn’t control the temptation of extra dose .so they just want artificial our fake excitement that make them feel more relax by the dosage of banned drugs.
They all just want to avoid tensions ,loneliness which haunts them again and again
Overcoming Depression QuoteBad news ,is there are fast divorce cases due to various reason, which cause immense psychological pressure among both .Hence,body,mind reacts differently to emotional pain that finally need  someone to heal.So,many use shortcuts like drugs, brothels that life gets more worse that they loose there mental balance that need immediate attention before its too late.
Many are addicted worldwide just to stop menace of depression or ways of overcoming depression, tensions ,loneliness,etc for that extra love that they never received in so called wealthy life.
We at share-ask .com appeal to all next generation youth to stop drugs and save future.

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