Top 5 Reasons to Retire on the Pacific Coast of Pedasi

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Retire on the Pacific Coast of Pedasi

Daydreaming about ditching your job to relax on a beach somewhere may be easy, but when it comes to actually planning for retirement,
there’s a bit more difficulty involved. However, if you’re willing to look outside your current city, state, or even country, the options
for life in the exact setting you’ve imagined spending your golden years in abound. For many retirees from around the globe, the gorgeous town of Pedasi, Panama fits the bill, thanks to its stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, and close proximity to Florida.
why should you consider packing up and heading for Pedasi? Check out our reasons why this Central American paradise may just be the perfect place to live it up after you retire.

Pacific Coast of Pedasi

It’s an easier move than you think: While many would-be retirees have romantic dreams about spending their later years ambling down the Champs-Elysees in Paris or skiing in Gstaad, the actual mechanics of a move abroad can be trickier than most people anticipate. From securing visas to transferring bank accounts to a foreign country, international moves can be a headache — but Panama makes it easy for expats. Panama makes it easy for international retirees to stay in the country — you receive a 6-month tourist visa upon arrival, and getting it renewed is a piece of cake: just take a short trip out of the country and when you return, you’re welcome to stay another 180 days.

The weather is always beautiful: As we age, it definitely seems as though the weather takes a much bigger toll on our bodies than when we were young. While a rainy day can be inconveniencing when it causes your joints to act up, a full-blown snowstorm can mean a month spent indoors to keep from risking a dangerous fall. In Pedasi, you never have to worry about inclement weather keeping you indoors — the beautiful weatherin this pedestrian-friendly fishing town allows for retirees to maintain their independence, regardless of the season. Pedasi’s tropical climate also means that there’s an outdoor activity to explore every month, from fishing to snorkeling to hiking.Particularly popular with expats, beachfront areas like Playa Venao make it possible for residents to enjoy the area’s most temperate climate while having access to a host of activities on the water just steps from their front door.

The homes are incredible: Thanks to its recent boom among retirees,gorgeous communities are now popping up in Pedasi that cater to every need of the expats who occupy them. The gorgeous Blue Venao Ocean Village is one such development, offering beautiful, private homes in a resort-like setting. While some may feel nervous about the future of their social life when moving out of their home country, the amenities at communities like this one allow for friendships to bloom organically. Whether you’re interested in getting the most of your waterfront setting at Blue Venao’s ocean sports activity center, learning to surf at the beach club, taking yoga or enjoying a spa treatment, there are opportunities to make lasting friendships at just outside your doorstep while still enjoying the comfort of a large private residence at the end of the day.

You’ll never live cheaper: One of the biggest obstacles that keeps people from retiring in their 60s, if they ever manage to at all, is
finding a way to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without the paychecks they’re used to earning. Luckily, the cost of living in
Pedasi is a far cry from what it would cost to spend your retirement in North America or any European country. Even if your only income
comes from Social Security payments or a pension, you can still enjoy a rich personal life in Pedasi. With affordable rates to rent and buy houses, inexpensive recreational activities to keep you fit and active, and comprehensive, low-cost health insurance that provides you access to some of the world’s best doctors. If you’re interested in traveling, Panama’s location makes it easy and affordable to do so —you can be in Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, or Venezuela in just a few hours without spending a fortune to get there.

You’ll fall in love with the local culture: If you’re looking to leave behind the fast-paced, competitive nature of life in your hometown, there’s no better place to get accustomed to a laid-back lifestyle than Pedasi. In addition to the common practice of taking anafternoon siesta, which will help you beat the heat while you recharge, Panama’s culture is heavily focused on working to live,rather than living to work. Instead of keeping up with the rat race,you can spend your days admiring Pedasi’s abundant natural beauty from either land or sea.

When you’ve spent years filling your time with work, it may seem daunting to switch into retirement mode, but a move to Pedasi will provide more than enough excitement for two lifetimes. Whether you want to spend your days fishing, surfing, or just relaxing in a beautiful beachfront location, the life you’ve always imagined is waiting for you in Pedasi.




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