Partitioning Living Room from Dining Area: 5 Handy Tips

Partitioning Living Room from Dining Area

5 Handy Tips for Partitioning Living Room from Dining Area

Traditionally the living room and the dining areas have always been kept separate, most preferably in different rooms. However, modern homes often have to arrange for them to be set up in a shared space where the dining area is easily viewable from the living room and vice versa. Due to this reason, it is now necessary to make use of efficient techniques by which a large multifunctional space can be divided into smaller sections for relaxing and eating without actually building walls or carrying out a major renovation project. Moreover, open space rooms that are being divided into separate chambers are a very popular home décor idea nowadays. Also, not actually creating a permanent room divider provides a homeowner with the flexibility to do anything he wants with the available space.

According to the best interior design company Bangalore, a temporary room divider can be a great way to divide the large space and create living and dining areas from it. Not only do these room dividers offer a homeowner with plenty of design options to choose from, but they also serve as excellent home décor concepts in their own right. It is due to such reasons that they are now increasingly used in many urban homes all across India.

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Here are five awesome partitioning ideas that can separate the living room from the dining area. If you feel confounded by the sheer abundance of options consult some of the renowned interior designers in Bangalore. With their professional focus, they could easily help you with the right match for your budget and personal preferences.

  • A fretwork screen done in vibrant colors can be an excellent way to divide the living room from the dining space. Heavily inspired from the Oriental traditions, this effective method of dividing a room is also used in many luxury and five star hotels. The design of the fretwork screen can come in different styles, such as beautiful imageries or even floral motifs and other patterns. You can also experiment with the color of the screen as there are numerous great options to choose from.
  • Another great room divider option would be a nice and colorful fringed curtain. One of the most important advantages of choosing such a room divider is that it divides the room into the dining space and the living room area but also allows a person to easily see what is going on in the other part of the room. So if you have kids playing around in the other section, you can keep an eye on them while at the same time relax on your sofa and enjoy a book. You can also choose from a number of attractive shades when you are looking to get a fringed curtain for dividing your room.

Partitioning Living Room from Dining Area

  • Furniture items have long been in use when it comes to dividing the space in the living room. Now you can use them to dividing the kitchen or dining area from the living room. You can use a sideboard, a book shelf, a cabinet shelf for keeping your showpieces and books, or even an elevated platform where you can set up an aquarium. Each of these unique room dividers come with their own unique home décor advantages. Depending on your budget, you can go for a simple piece of furniture or choose to build an elaborate one.
  • Another great way to divide the room would be to use glass dividers. A glass divider is a great option to go for if you do not want to give up on the feeling of light and space in your living area. A see through glass wall is also a cool, contemporary design element that can add the value of your living space. When combined with rich, high quality wooden flooring and appropriate furniture, it can be the best home décor idea that you can opt for. You can arrange for a handle at your glass door or arrange for them to open automatically as anyone approaches nearby.
  • Choose small, green plants to set up a beautiful room divider. The plants can not only accentuate the aesthetic quality of the living space but also have a soothing effect on your mind.



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