Beware of getting personal online, it affects your Business!

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Reputed Advocates says getting closer personal online is bad for one’s business. Nowadays, all are using social media to find better information on the people they need to catch in their professional lives. From recruiters, clients to employees everyone are using social media as a weapon the get the best impact. But while doing so, it is very important to keep the professional life separated from the personal life online and you should not mingle both!

personal onlineCandidates and the employees must follow some rules while communicating through social media sites. Persons who fail to follow these rules are at their own risks to be encountered to danger. They may miss out job opportunities, terminated from current positions or non-accepted into professional organizations or institutions because some things only need to stay private.

You just need to take primary action to protect you reputation online in few simple process:

Set your Personal profiles to Private:

This the first and fore-most actions you need to take in terms of social media to set all your personal profile to private. Facebook and twitter accounts may work out for posting photos and connecting with friends, but employers and organizations are looking closer on how your profile reveals about you.

Though social media sites allows the user to hide the personal data through privacy settings, people are not aware about that since it seems to be keep on changing their setting features regularly. Hence it is the best way to separate your professional and personal profiles so that you can avoid your sensitive information from being exposed to audience across the world.

Why is this so important? This is because so many employees are ended up getting fired due to the negative posts and unwanted comments which they posted in social media sites.

Know your profile privacy settings:

If you are already a friend or follower, then un-friend yourself from those people whom you think it may affect your professional life. Instead get connected to them through professional media sites such as LinkedIn. Whatever be the social media site you use, make sure that you stay updated on your profile’s privacy settings.

  • Facebook:  Try to un-tag yourselves from embarrassing photos, unwanted likes pages and communities, tweet statuses, bad comments, religious or political issues which must be considered in order to keep private. You must know how to hide from or block people who might cause problems in future.
  • Twitter: Always keep in mind that twitter is not a forum for your daily routine updates. Resist sharing information about your personal life and just give a brief explanation about your business trip which may be interesting to the audience.


  • LinkedIn: Don’t post your political issues or religious beliefs, marital status since LinkedIn diverts Tweets from Twitter to automatically feed to your LinkedIn profile so make sure that you link your professional Twitter account only.


Develop rules for your Business and stay updated:

If your are maintaining social media profiles for your business make sure to provide strict rules to the employees for managing those accounts and to handle it in a proper way so that your business partners, employers and customers may feel legible to browse about your site. Inform people who provide SEO services in uk for your website to keep track on the changes in your spam content of the social media sites of your business, so that you can take preventive measures in advance. As the rules of social media are updated constantly, try to stay up to date looking upon the latest changes. So, beware of what you are sharing on social media in order to sustain in your career growth!


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