A brief detail on the different categories of Police detective

If you are thinking of opting for a thrilling career that would bring excitement as well as fame, then becoming a detective is the most appropriate choice. You should be well acquainted with the role of a detective if you are very fond of detective movies. There has been a great deal of good detective films. Knowing a detective at the first place includes knowing his duties well. These law implementing officials are known to assemble evidences and analyze them thoroughly against a criminal case.
In the course of their investigation, they also interrogate suspects and witnesses and help the police to arrive at a proper conclusion regarding the criminal case and arrest the real criminals. The job of a detective might be very risky and life threatening but it is rewarding at the same time. Detectives bring justice to people when a certain case is closed by the police without having given proper verdict.Categories of detectives
 different categories of Police detective
There are generally three  different categories of Police detective as following:
Police Detective
Private Investigator
FBI Investigator
Each of these categories has different features depending on qualifications, requirements and work duties. So it is advisable to get yourself enrolled in a detective school and learn all the know-how on the life of a detective methodically. It is wise to take up a higher education in this field right after high school. While in high school, you should focus on your science and math subjects well as a detective requires good logical and analytical traits.
How to become a good private detective?
There are several requirements to become a good detective as following:
You have to be a police officer for as long as five years before you start to work as a detective. For being a police officer, you need to spend approximately a maximum of three months in the police academy where you will get to learn all kinds of police activities and constitutional laws and rights.
You need to have tout body fitness for being a detective.
You need to have admirable communication skills as detectives deal with different people from different backgrounds.
You need to be very alert and should be able to take instant decisions in critical situations.
Requirements to become and FBI detective
Apart from the general requirements for becoming a good privatdetektive, if you desire to become an FBI detective, you should have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of three years of work experience relating to criminal justice. If not a p private detective but rather an FBI agent, you need to maintain a particular age limit. You should be 23 to 36 years old when you start working as an FBI agent. You also need to go through a comprehensive criminal test and then through a series of physical tests and oral and written tests. If you qualify all these obstacles successfully, you have to spend an extensive 20 weeks training programmed at the FBI Academy.
When the thought of knowing on how to become a private detective triggers your mind, you should be well aware that the life of a privatdetektiv Switzerland might be challenging but rewarding as well. It is one of the most prestigious jobs one can undertake.

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