Take Steps for preventing accidents and injuries


Scissor lifts are like huge pieces of versatile equipment, and are most widely used in factories, warehouses, and construction sites. Apart from these common areas, these machines are also seen in various schools, colleges, and university campuses and help in viewing, recording, and guiding activities that go in such places, like theatre and band events, athletic, productions, etc. These machines are widely used by workers from all over the world, as it helps carrying out work at great heights.preventing accidents and injuries

Though these are very helpful, yet they can be very dangerous when not maintained properly. Serious mishaps can take place when the driver or the operator is not well trained, or so. Many statistics have been carried out, and the estimates say that the year 2009 saw over 22 workers getting injured while operating the scissor lift. The building trades are being determined to record all such accidents, fatalities, injuries, etc. by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is helpful for examining the proximity of injuries that have happened because of such hazards, so that steps should be taken to stop them. But for this, you need to determine the practices that lead to such things.


Every year we hear of news reports wherein workers and drivers of scissor lifts lose their lives because of different reasons. Some fall from heights and die, while some become a victim of load malfunctions. According to what the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded, between 1993 and 1999, over18 boom lift related deaths were calculated. The scariest thing to note is that the root cause of most these accidents is the unsafe conditions and activities. Over 32% of drywall accidents happened owing to the use of suspended or supported scaffolds, and the death rate in relation to this continued to rise for a renowned time.

Today, there is an increased availability of mobile scaffolds, aerial lifts, scissor lifts, and more, because of more construction work needed in different areas. This has directly resulted in the increase of accidents because of such machines. Seeing at such mishaps, the government is paying more attention to providing proper training and knowledge to the drivers, as well as to the workers of scissor lifts, so that they can avoid being prey to injuries.

Preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace 

Take Steps for preventing accidents and injuries

After the review and analysis of all important lift related work that cannot be avoided, various committees made it important to include aerial and scissor lifts in the 1998 revision of the standard of construction scaffold. Investigations that were carried in this direction exposed the fact that a number of unsafe conditions and acts were similar to the ones that supported scaffold accidents. Hazardous activities included:

  • Carrying out operations on an uneven surface
  • Dealing with debris, holes, drop offs, etc., while operating the machine
  • Leaning over the tall top rail, or climbing above it
  • Collapsing of the boom, or overloading the same
  • Getting in contact with electrical conductors through a portion which is not insulated
  • Not deploying the outriggers and brace against the tip-over
  • Operating the lift in bad weather like rains when it becomes slippery, or during fog when there is 0 visibility
  • Untrained and inexperienced operators
  • Technical, mechanical, and structural defects in the equipment

There are also a number of fatal victims that were struck by objects like baskets, brooms, while some were even crushed between the basket, the carriage, or some other fixed structure. Falling from the elevated platform has estimated to be the most common reason for mishaps that have been happening over the years.

This concludes with the fact that managers should call for the best company that would provide effective labor, drivers, and workers for all such activities. You can reach a pool of sophisticated companies that provide the best resources for carrying out such tasks that relate with scissor lifts. One must always keep in mind to check for the license and the expertise before they hire one. Price also is an important factor that should not be overlooked. Companies also provide scissor lifts to various managers and company owners, who are in need for the same. You can take these on permanent or rent basis, and pay them accordingly. But for this, always ask them about the price. Seeking help from renowned companies would help to avoid accidents and dangerous injuries, and would give way to safer construction work.

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