Problems with Swimming Pools and Their Solutions

Pool owners feel lucky to have a swimming pool in their house. Swimming pools allow family members to swim and relax for some time and also increase the value of a property. However, pool owners face plenty of problems related to their upkeep and maintenance.

Pools if not maintained regularly can cause issues like murky water, irritation of skin, dirt, debris, and reduce the functioning of the pool equipment. This post shares some common problems that most owners face with their swimming pools.

Hazy water

The haziness of water is the development of greenish tint that is caused due to lack of chlorine. Due to lack of chlorine, the bacteria and other microorganisms develop in the water to a great extent that causes the water to turn green. Swimmers and family members should not use the pool for swimming until the proper treatment of water.

Usually, professionals recommend shock treatment for the murky water in a pool. Shock treatment means the addition of adequate amounts of chlorine to kill the microorganism in water. However, swimmers should not use a pool immediately after shock treatment.

Irritation of skin and eyes

The high amounts of chlorine and imbalance of chemicals can irritate skin and eyes. Swimming in the water with improper chemical balance can be the reason for many health issues. The water can cause skin and hair problems in swimmers. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the water chemistry by addition of chemicals in the right amount.

Damage to pool liners

The pool lining becomes brittle, lose its pattern and also cracks due to the poor chemical balance of water. The lack of maintenance of pool water damages the pool liners and the owners need to replace them earlier than expected that increases the cost of maintenance.

Worn tiles

The wrong balance of chemicals causes the tiles in the pool to crack and leak.  The access of chemicals like chlorine can also deteriorate the finishing of tiles. To repair a damaged tile, you need to drain the water up to the level of tile. The Perth concrete pools offer high quality of tiles that do not get worn due to low maintenance issues.

 Clogged filters

The function of a pool filter is to remove the debris that the skimmer basket missed to catch. However, with prolonged usage, the filters get clogged and do not remove the debris properly. Therefore, pool owners need to clean the filters every three months or earlier depending upon the usage and weather conditions.

You can clean a cartridge filter by opening and removing the cartridge. Then you need to clean the cartridge with water and a brush to remove all the debris. However, the sand filter and D.E. filters are cleaned by backwashing.

Debris on the surface

The debris floating on the surface of a pool is a common problem that owners face. A little debris is usual, but if it is not removed automatically, it means the skimmer basket is clogged and not working. Open the skimmer basket and clean it with a brush and garden hose under running water. Fix it again and skim the surface of the water with a leaf skimmer.

Low water levels

Many times, pool owners don’t pay attention to the water levels until it dips too much. It is essential to maintain the water level in your pool as low levels can damage the pumping system. When the water level dips, it does not reach the pump that may run dry and burn out.

You need to add water regularly to your pool as a lot of water gets evaporated daily. However, if the water level is declining too quickly, there may be an issue of leakage. In such a case you must call a professional to check and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Algae problems

Some pool owners face the issues of algae frequently developing in water. The algae grow due to lack of algaecide in the water and wrong pH levels. Brush off the algae from the tiles and floor and skim it from the surface of the water. It is essential to maintain the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity of water to prevent the algae from developing.

Airline leakage

Sometimes pool owners face the problem of poor circulation of water even if the filter is working correctly. Circulation is impacted due to a possible leakage in the airline, or there might be some issues with the pump. If there is a problem of leakage, you need to call a professional to patch the leaking area in the airline.

Water chemistry

Most of the problems in swimming pools are a result of the imbalance of chemicals in the water. Owners need to check the levels of chemicals regularly and maintain them. It is essential to check the water chemistry every week or every ten days.

If you don’t know the required levels of chemicals that should be maintained, it is best to call a pool service professional. A professional can check the levels of chemicals and add more in the required quantities to keep the water chemistry.

Final Words

These are the common problems that most pool owners face with their pools. The key to prevent these issues is regular attention and maintenance of the pool and its equipment. With adequate care and maintenance, it is possible for pool owners to enjoy their summers and take a dip to relax after a day of work.