Pumps Make Fountains Stand Out

Any person who has ever stayed next to a river or a stream would recognize the charm of living next to running water. There is absolutely no doubt that the sound of natural gushing water is nothing short of music for the senses. To bring back a similar kind of feeling, many people fit outdoor fountains around their homes. Such fountains are more commonly seen in parks and various commercial spaces. Interestingly, the source of water for such an installation is an outdoor pump.

A beautiful fountain can operate in a trouble free manner over several months after one gets ready to order outdoor fountain pump. Fountains using these pumps can be present in recreational areas such as gardens. Well maintained fountains as fixtures are invitations to areas where time seems to have stood still. Imagine stretching out in the outdoor garden, watching the fountain, and allowing thoughts to drift into oblivion.

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Working of outdoor fountains

Outdoor fountains help to increase the beauty quotient of any garden, and one can do so for one’s own garden as well. Water in the fountains is constantly circulated through submersible water pumps. Since the pumps are integrated with the fountains, they just have to be connected to the water supply. It would be best to get a professional company to set up the same. Without the pump, water will stand still and may turn into a haven for mosquitoes. The pond around an outdoor pump should attract beautiful insects and not turn into a paradise for dangerous ones.

The submersible water pump helps to condition a proper outdoor ecosystem. Being an electro-mechanical device, it may need to be replaced a few years after the expiry of its warranty period. Of course, this varies from one brand to another. Care must be taken to purchase the pump and other units from reputed companies, or else follow-ups can become major challenges.

Types of pond water pumps

External and submersible are the common types of pond water pumps used in outdoor setups around the world. External water pumps are also called centrifugal pumps, but both come with their own advantages based on nature of applications.

Submersible pumps are placed directly into the pond or the pond vault. They will always be installed into the deepest part of the pond. Although installation is easy, manufacturers always recommend them to be installed by the experts. For a pond pumping 1000 gallons of water, submersible pumps are viable installations. In case there is aquatic life inside the pond, a submersible pump not using oil would be suitable. In contrast to this, the one with a leaking oil filter could cause immense harm to the organisms.

External or centrifugal pond pumps are very reliable and are also energy efficient. Compared to the submersible type, these are installed in a dry area near the pond. They are also louder in comparison and display best results when in large ponds, containing more than 1000 gallons of water. They may be more difficult to install than their submersible counterparts, but they are less difficult to maintain.

Length of cord

External pumps are available with varying cord lengths. This has to be kept in mind prior to finalizing the purchase. The cord has to be sufficiently long to reach the plug socket, and of course, its socket has to be at a safe distance from the water source. Certain pumps have electrical codes which require power outlets to be at least 6 feet away. It is a good idea to use an extension cord here.

Pump warranties

One of the primary criteria to look for a suitable pond pump is that it should provide a comprehensive warranty. Such warranties are normally for 1-2 years, although they do differ from one manufacturer to another. Water in the pond must be filtered, for which it becomes necessary for the submersible water pump to operate 24 hours a day. There are several moving parts in the pump, and so it would need regular maintenance. Most of the reputed manufacturers will offer customers comprehensive maintenance programs.

Electricity consumption

Pumps manufactured nowadays are highly efficient and consume less electricity in comparison to the ones made more than a decade ago. The requirement here is to move large volumes of water, which means although electricity cost may be high, it will certainly be economical when the entire day is taken into consideration.

Beautiful water features

There are a variety of landscapes surrounding us, and all of them look better with fountains as water features. Such features are highly popular as tourist attractions, among which musical fountains are well known. Ponds as well as pools are able to attract several visitors with fountains in the area.

Apart from the fountain itself, people may want to have aquatic animals like fishes in ponds. For this purpose, it is highly suitable to install aerators in the water.

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