Increase your chances of quitting by creating a successful quit smoking timeline

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When attempting to give up smoking one of the mistakes a lot of people make is the fact that they do not set themselves a quit smoking timeline. Instead they just go full steam ahead. They say “right, well from Monday that’s it, I’m packing the cigarettes in.” Whilst this is undeniably admirable, it is extremely difficult too. Nobody expects you to be able to kick a habit you have probably enjoyed for years within the space of a few days. Instead, you need to create a timeline for quitting smoking. This will help you immensely and will increase your chances of kicking in the habit indefinitely.

When generating your timeline you will give yourself a better chance of stopping because you will be working towards clear identified goals. You will have your giving up date set in stone. However, you will also create milestones and goals along the way. This gives you little targets to work towards rather than just presenting you with the massive task of stopping smoking. This is something that is much more effective. It can be likened to trying to lose weight. People are generally a lot more successful when they set weekly goals rather than one big end goal of losing two stone for example.

The first thing you need to do when you are generating a quit smoking timeline is to set yourself a date whereby you are going to give up all together. You may have a significant date in your mind e.g. an event you are attending or you may merely select the date at random. However, you do need to be careful with the date you choose. Pick a realistic date. Give yourself time to reduce your intake to the point whereby you are in a position to stop altogether. There is nothing wrong with picking a quit date that is three months from now.

So, how does the timeline work? Let’s say you have decided you are going to give up smoking by the 1st of December. Between now and this time you are going to work on reducing the amount you smoke. So, if you currently smoke two packets a day, then you should be looking to half this intake by next month. Then reduce your amount to half a packet a day by the next month, and so on and so forth. It is important to do this because once you get to December the transition will be easier because you have already reduced your intake substantially.

And finally, you can always reward yourself every time you successfully achieve a milestone. This is another effective method to utilise when constructing your timeline as it gives you something else to work towards. But make no mistake; rewarding yourself certainly doesn’t mean you can have a cigarette as a treat. Think of something you would really like to do, go to a particular theatre event or eat at a certain restaurant, and only treat yourself to this luxury once you have succeeded and met your milestone. Forfeits should also be put in place if you do not succeed. Pick something that will benefit others, such as charity work.

You will increase your chances of success dramatically if you generate a quit smoking timeline. So grab yourself a pen and a piece of paper and get to work!

This article provides smokers with a greater chance of beating the habit by providing information on how to effectively generate a quit smoking timeline. This is a method that is highly recommended.

Author bio –  Janifar has been helping people to give up smoking for many years now. She uses an array of different techniques, yet one method that she swears by is a quit smoking timeline.


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