5 Organic Ways To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Witnessing unwanted hair growth, especially on your face is no doubt, a major turn off for you right in the morning. You feel self-conscious and start shying away from social gatherings, and close personal interactions. Facial hair make you look and feel undesirable and is a blow to your otherwise delicate, feminine looks. And, it is embarrassing for sure! At times, people get high growth of facial through family genes. At other time, due to some physical and medical conditions, the hair growth becomes very active on the skin.  For women, having a hairy face is as petrifying as having a nightmare! Sure, treatments like face wax and bleach are readily available in all beauty salons these days.

However, let’s get real. Rushing to a beauty salon at the interval of every three days, for hair removal, is neither feasible nor advisable. People resort to artificial measures like electrolysis, laser treatment and similar others. However, unnatural treatments for removing hair come with their own side effects. So, why do some people develop more facial hair than the others? Here are some reasons mentioned for the same.



 Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

What Causes Unwanted facial Hair To Grow In Women?

Androgen is a hormone which is produced in high levels in the bodies of men. Women, on the contrary have lower levels of this hormone in their bodies. At times, due to certain reasons, hormonal imbalances happen in the body of a female. So, when the level of androgen, increases in a female’s body, she tends to become the victim of heavy hair growth on her otherwise smooth parts, like the areas of face, breast, stomach and others.  This imbalance in women is known as Hirsutism.

Reasons For Hormonal Imbalance In Women

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an imbalance which leads to Hirsutism frequently.
  • Many a times, Hirsutism is hereditary. If someone in your family has a tendency of thick hair growth, there are chances that it could pass on to you.
  • Excessive facial hair could also be the side effect of allopathic medicines.
  • Thyroid and obesity in women often lead to excessive and unwanted hair growth.

Drink Spearmint Tea

The problem of increased androgen levels causes excessive hair growth in unwanted areas of a female’s body. Spearmint tea is very effective in reducing the androgen level in the body. Therefore if you consume two cups of spearmint tea every day, the hormonal imbalance in your body would improve remarkably. This would naturally reduce the unwanted hair growth on your skin.

Homemade paste of onion and Indian Nettle and Turmeric

For preparing this homemade peel off mask, get some dry powdered turmeric. Now take 10-12 leaves of Acalphya Indica or Indian Nettle. Also include some neem leaves in the same quantity as Indian Nettle leaves.  Grind them together and make a fine paste out of these ingredients. Make sure your face area is completely clean and dry as well. Apply this mixture like a face pack, generously on your face and let it dry. Now gently peel off the thin layer which has been formed on your face. Rinse off your face gently with plain water and pat dry your skin.

Ubtan prepared With gram Flour, Oats, Yogurt and Turmeric

This is the most commonly used homemade ubtan which is very effective in reducing excessive hair growth. Takes some granulated oatmeal powder (about half cup). Now mix one cup of gram flour into it and sprinkle some turmeric. Mix the powder well. Now add one cup of yogurt and mix well. Apply on your face and massage gently for a few seconds. Let the mixture stay on your face for 20 minutes. Scrub it off as it dries. Wash off with water thoroughly and pat dry your skin. Avoid using soap.

Remove Unwanted Facial Hair  Using Homemade Wax

Waxing is great for your skin. It not only scrubs off the dead cells from the skin, but also improves blood circulation as well as reduces tanning. If you do not feel like heading to beauty salons frequently, consider preparing some home wax at home.

  • Take 2 cups of sugar and squeeze 3 full lemons into it.
  • Now take half a cup of water and mix this lemon and sugar mixture into it.
  • Heat this solution by constantly stirring it. Be very careful to heat the mixture on a low flame. Also, if you would not stir continuously, the sugar would get sticky and burnt.
  • Turn off the gas when the mixture looks like a thick and brown liquid.
  • Let the solution cool off slightly.
  • Make sure the skin area is absolutely clean, in order to avoid any inflammation. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the area and dust it.
  • Take a butter knife and apply this homemade wax on your skin with the help of the knife.
  • Take gelatin strips and put on your skin, press gently and then pull off in the opposite direction of your hair growth.
  • Clean the area with a wet sponge and spray camphor water on the entire area. You could also run over an ice cube or astringent.
  • Never try this on your face directly. Try doing a patch test on your arm, and then go ahead.

Apply A Mixture Of Egg White, Corn flour and Sugar

Beat two egg whites properly and form a homogenous mixture. Now add one tea spoon of coarsely granulated sugar and one tea spoon of corn flour. Mix the paste thoroughly. Make sure is completely clean and dry before applying this mixture. Apply evenly on your face, in a direction which is opposite to the hair growth on your face. Leave for about 20 minutes and let it become dry. Gently peel off the thin envelope from your face, which gets formed when the paste dries up. Wash off with fresh water and avoid using soap or face wash. Use this paste two times a week for reducing hair growth on your face.

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