Selecting the Right Orangery for You

There are a variety of different orangery designs out there, and once you have an orangery you need to consider what you’re going to do with it and how it will be decorated in order to get the most benefit possible from using it. You should always decide what you’re going to use the orangery for first – if you want it to be a dining room select an orangery that will suit that need, if you want it to be a playroom get one that will suit that purpose.
Although it might not always be used for the same thing and it might completely change later, you don’t want to buy it intending to use it as a bigger and better dining room and then find out that it isn’t big enough for your dining room table.
There are different types of people who generally have different requirements of an orangery; first of all there are professionals. These are people who want to put the space to the most practical possible use and implement it as either a home office or an escape; somewhere to rest after a long day of work. Both have similar requirements and while they might not need it to be particularly big or spacious in both instances the inclusion of storage space is a possibility and would probably be beneficial. The room will provide a lot of natural light making it an ideal place for work, being very healthy in this aspect and very relaxing.
The second are family orientated people, these might be looking for an orangery as an area of space where they will be able to get away from older children or a nice, light space where younger children can play in a secure and easy to monitor setting. Think about it; you can easily keep an eye on your children while they play thanks to the large glass windows, because you can lock the windows and doors you know they aren’t going anywhere they shouldn’t be and best yet you can be getting on with some gardening or letting them play in the garden while you relax in the orangery. The entire use of the orangery is flexible around what you need and will provide extra space in your home, which is perfect for those who have started growing their family but are not yet ready to move to a bigger home.
The final group are older people, these don’t have children at home anymore and probably don’t have to work nearly as much as they used to, this means that they want an orangery that will give them a nice setting for spending their time. Orangeries can be as big or as small as you want in these instances and make great rooms for guests. If you still want the children over for dinner, or if you want to spend your twilight years entertaining friends the orangery is perfect for you. As well as this it is perfect for enjoying a bit of you time whilst you read or knit. It doesn’t matter what you want to use the room for it can be perfectly enjoyable.
Finally you need to consider the furniture, if you have young children this is a good room to baby-proof. You can request during construction that sockets be placed high up so that you don’t have to worry about them. Everything can be done around your needs, laminate flooring would provide a good, easy to clean and durable surface, it is also fairly cost effective. You can also put down fairly cheap rugs that will provide some floor insulation and a softer surface for younger children.
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