Road safety Tips,precautionary measures to save you and your family’s lives

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Every day, countless motorists are involved in road related accidents. Some have sustained physical injuries while others have lost their lives. Sadly, a majority of the recorded road mishaps can be easily avoided through precautionary measures.

Observe speed limit  

Road safety Tips
Although it is tempting to go over the implemented speed limit, it is still best to obey the rules. Driving too fast can make you unaware of other vehicles, leading to poor driving reaction. For instance, when you suddenly change lanes without signaling other drivers, there is a huge possibility of a collision. If you haven’t been involved in a speeding accident before, remember traffic enforcers or the police can flag you down, give you a ticket and even withhold your driver’s license.

Driving etiquette 
Most drivers today will rudely cut you off on the highway. Many victims will return the favour by pulling the same stunt but it may not be a clever idea to do so. As much as possible, be patient and let the automobile pass first. Also, apply other proper etiquettes such as signaling, slowing to a stop at orange to red lights and allowing pedestrians to cross the street.

Optimal car performance  
Another important precautionary measure is ensuring your motor vehicle is performing normally. If the car parts such as engine, transmission and brake pedal suddenly malfunctions, assume the worst – you either get hit by other vehicles or ram into them. Periodical tyre maintenance can also be an important aspect in the car’s overall performance. Tyres with thin threads make it impossible to control the vehicle during rain and winter as it doesn’t provide any traction. Assuring the air pressure is at its recommended level can also contribute to road safety. If the tyres are already worn down, there are many quality yet cheap tyres online.

Buckle up  
Seatbelts are a Road safety Tips  feature available in most cars. Unfortunately, there are many adult drivers who disregard buckling up. If the automobile has to brake suddenly and the seatbelts were not worn, there is a higher possibility all the passengers can be seriously injured or die. Alternatively, when used correctly, it can reduce the risk of sustaining a fatal injury up to 45 per cent, according to recent statistics.

Don’t drink and drive 
Driving under the influence of alcohol has become one of the top leading causes of automobile accidents. When beer is consumed in large quantities, it impairs the reaction time and rational thinking. Remember, wine, vodka and other alcoholic beverages are considered as depressants which can cause sleepiness.

Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel 
With today’s technology, communicating to a friend or family member can be easy. However, it doesn’t mean you should call or text while you are driving. According to a recent study, texting is as dangerous to being intoxicated. Unless you have a hands free device for calls, follow the rules and keep your phone in your bag.

Car accidents can happen any time, but applying precautionary measures can reduce the possibilities of a costly and deadly on-road mishap. Obeying traffic laws, wearing seat belts and ensuring your automobile is in the best condition can keep you and your family safe during a road trip.

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